Gerant Thomas comments that the ‘crazy’ team in the first week of the Tour de France will determine the roles of Inios Grenadiers.

Gerant Thomas comments that the 'crazy' team in the first week of the Tour de France will determine the roles of Inios Grenadiers.

Gerant Thomas admits that the Tour de France “wants to win another one”, but stressed that he would not deliberately waste time if the Enios Grenadiers team’s strategy was to pick another leader.

Maria Thomas, who became the first British to win the Tour de Seuss, will focus on the Tour de France, which begins on July 1.

In addition to Thomas, there has been speculation that Inios will be led by Adam Yates and Daniel Martinez.

Tour de France

Thomas “easy” in Tour de France lead after Tour de Suez’s victory

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Thomas said he was “happy to do anything” but hinted that he had a great place in the first week of the 2018 Championship. Tour de France Route Than their peers.

“I’m very calm about it and it’s about reaching the best possible shape,” he told BBC Sport Wales.

“No matter what happens, I’m not going to waste my time deliberately, so I hope to be there or there.

“These are the cards that the team has to play to help others or take risks. ⁇

The highlight of the Tour de Suez, when Evan Poe wins the stage and Thomas wins

He added: “Danny, when you go to the races, you think he’s as capable of winning as Adam, so we have three boys who can perform well. ⁇

“But we all know how the tour is, this first week is crazy, this year has more cobblestones and some windy stages, so this first week is more about going through and seeing where we are.

“It’s not a problem, but I’m surprised the three of us would be in the top 10 after the first week, because it’s been so dangerous in every crash.

“Also, that first week may not have been good for Adam or Dani, but you have all the mountains to come. ⁇

Twice winner Thaddeus Pogakar (UAE team Emirates) will be the loser in France, while Primos Rogli of Jumbo-Wisma will once again be a contender after their memorable 2020 fight.

However, Thomas believes that if they work as a team, Inios will be able to knock out the ‘super talented’ Slovenian pair.

“As a team I think we can definitely. Man and man is definitely a different story. They are very talented and, as we all know, they have been MVPs for a few years, ”Thomas said.

“But I think we have a strong team. It’s about staying healthy now, and it’s easier said than done these days. But we have a strong team, we are all motivated and we will all go out there and give our best.

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Froome and Thomas still have ‘enough quality to win any match’ – Condor

03/05/2022 at 09:00

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