Geologists do not see the tectonic plate of the earth

Geologists do not see the tectonic plate of the earth

Northern Canada keeps a secret from different parts of the world. This is the tectonic plate of the “resurrection” which is very theoretical, but has not yet been discovered. A team of researchers used a cat scan in northern Canada and its mantle to locate the missing plate.

This finding will lead to better risk predictions and the discovery of mineral and hydrocarbon deposits. But better than that, it helps scientists put together Earth’s history.

The missing tectonic plate is like a puzzle piece. In addition, there is a compromise in our understanding of the big picture. Some scientists say it never happened, others say Conquered 40 million to 60 million years ago into the Earth’s crust. But now it seems to have been discovered.

“We believe we have direct evidence that the resurrection plate existed.”

Spencer Faston, doctoral student in geology, University of Houston.

For the paper presenting this new result “Raise the resurrection plate from the tectonic reconstruction of northwestern North America from the Cenozoic period. The authors are Spencer Faston and Johnny Woo from the University of Houston ‘s Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The paper is published in the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America.

“Volcanoes form on plate boundaries, you have more plates, you have more volcanoes,” said co-author Johnny Wu, assistant professor of geology at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. “Volcanoes also affect climate change,” Wu said Press release. “So when you try to model the earth and understand how the weather has changed over time, you want to know how many volcanoes there have been on earth.”

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It is very challenging to see the history of the earth together. Volcanic activity has been implicated in historic climate change and large-scale extinction. The Permian-Triassic extinction, also known as the Great Dying, was the largest extinction on Earth. Explosions About 252 million years ago in Siberia. The missing tectonic plate may therefore be a missing indication of the Earth’s geographical past.

The University of Houston Center for Tectonics and Tomography has developed a type of imaging called slab anodizing. There are many types of tomography, but they are all categorized. Co-author Wu is part of an effort to develop a way to take 3D seismic tomography images and develop them. This method creates obstacles in the plate tectonic reconstruction. This method was used by Wu and a special research team to reconstruct the Philippine Sea and East Asian plate tectonics from 52 Mia.

When a plate is brought back to the mantle, it becomes a folded slab. The tomography can depict those folded structures, and the technique developed by the slab allows the plate to be removed and then opened and stretched back to their original shape.

A 3D block diagram across North America showing a mantle tomography image reveals the slab unfolding method used to flatten the furlone tectonic plate. In doing so, Faston and Wu were able to locate the lost resurrection plate. Image Credit: Wu, Faston, 2020.

Wu and his colleague Faston, a third-year doctoral student in geology, are now working to reconstruct tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean during the Cenozoic period. Geologists know that there were at least two plates in the Pacific called the Kula and the Farrell. A third plate, the Resurrection, was proposed to describe a particular type of volcanic eruption in Alaska and Washington State. So far there has been only weak evidence.

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“We believe we have direct evidence that the resurrection plate existed. We’re trying to resolve a debate and argue which side our data support is on, ”Faston said.

“When reconstructed‘ elevated ’to the Earth’s surface, the boundaries of this ancient resurrection tectonic plate are well matched with the ancient volcanic belts of Washington State and Alaska, which are closely linked to the ancient Pacific Ocean and North American geography. Record, ”Wu explained.


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