Geocomonto offers jobs to 500 young people in the tourism sector

Geocomonto offers jobs to 500 young people in the tourism sector

Many young people from Lazio are finding employment opportunities in the tourism sector. Geocomonto, after planning to resume in the 2021 season, is opening the door to about 500 jobs.

The tour operator, which operates nationally and internationally, has scheduled a number of online selections to identify employees who will be working next summer (minimum 2 weeks and maximum 6 weeks from late June to mid-August) during vacations in Europe and non-European locations in Italy and abroad.

Selections, as they are online, will allow applicants not only from Rome and its environs, but also interested parties from other regions to participate in the interviews to be held on April 8 and 9 next.

How to apply

People interested in working on the Geocomondo and Geocomondo Study Summer Stays can register and fill out all the forms by logging in to the “Work with Us” section of the website ( Fields for the required application, sending their updated curriculum vitae and specifying the role of interest. Subsequently, the company will replace individual meetings and gathering situations with online selections. After the preliminary screening process, candidates who are considered suitable will be contacted by personal office via email to define the procedures and timing of the interview. For Rome and Lazio, online selections will be scheduled on April 8 and 9, 2021, as indicated.

Statistics required for vacation centers

There are those who think they have an interest in having children and young people, experiences of accompanying groups, games, sports, recreation, those who like to work “as a team”, and training travel experiences in Italy. You can apply abroad to participate in the elections.

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The figures sought are several: Social and educational animator in Italy, group leader abroad, travel guide (back to back), summer center secretary, internal assistant, night watchman, sports manager, animation manager, English language teacher, special teacher for the disabled. We are looking for graduate doctors and nurses (along with registration in the professional register) and community-health workers. For all the details about interested job profiles, check out the “Work With Us” section of the site.

The minimum age for all professionals is 21 years in Italy and 23 years abroad, as well as the availability of at least 2 consecutive weeks of travel and stay in summer vacations.
Selected students will work at various vacation centers in Marseille, Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino, Lazio, Sardinia, Puglia, Valle di Aosta, and the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Malta, Russia and the United States. , California, Netherlands, Israel, United Arab Emirates.

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