Genesis postponed its return tour, but …

Mike Rutherford (g) et Phil Collins (dr), sur scène avec Genesis en 1986.

The crucial meeting on the future of the rock was held in April 1962 Mick Jagger, Keith Richards et Brian Jones.

In April 1962, Mick, Keith, and Dick traveled to London to attend a concert at the Ealing Club – in fact, the back room of a tea room rented to “trade” (traditional New Orleans) jazz groups – the Blues Group, Blues Inc., to listen to Premier White in England. Founded by jazz trombonist Chris Barber’s guitarist Alexis Corner, the group was one of the first British groups to introduce the American blues to a small group of “devil music” at the end of Barber’s shows.

By the end of 1961, Corner and harmonica player Cyril Davis had formed his own blues group, and their sets in Ealing began to attract more people: the British blues scene was born. Among those who started the club regularly – first as a spectator and later as musicians attending jam sessions – all future musicians would make the British blues boom and then pursue an international career. So Eiling will become regulars, guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck Dave Davis, singers Eric Burden, Paul Jones, Long John Baldry, saxophonist Dick Hexstall-Smith, keyboardist Nicky Hopkins, bassist Jack Bruce or drummer Ginger Baker.

This is the drummer Charlie Watts Jagger, Richards and Taylor work behind the drums on the day of the venture to Ealing. Despite being a good musician, Watts did not catch their attention. Elmo, on the other hand, stands out with his edition of “Dust My Blues” and re-reading of “Dust My Broom” by guitarist Elmore James, a young beautiful guitarist who did not respond. Robert Johnson, then Jagger Richards introduces young music as a form of homage to guitar hero Elmore James, whose nickname is Louise, his name is Manu, attached to Elmo. But he allows them to call him by his real name: Brian Jones.

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Blues Crusade

Born into an upper-middle-class family living in Cheltenham, a suburb of London, Brian Jones, 22, suffered a recurrent asthma attack at the time. Jones is a brilliant student – at one point it was believed that he would study medicine to become a dentist. But it was through learning to play the guitar that the blues began to gain prominence above all else. After meeting Corner in 1961, Bryan regularly traveled to London to hang out at the musician’s house, where he was introduced to scholar Johnson’s and James’ blouses.

Soon, he begins to lead a bohemian life in an old building in the English capital, taking on strange jobs during the day and earning some money to spend on food and rent, because at night, he listens to the blues endlessly. Meet the new RNB musicians of the day. When Mickey and Keith meet him, Brian Jones starts a band of his own. In May 1962 he published an advertisement in the magazine Jazz-News : “Guitarist and singer of R&B formation looking for harmonica player and / or tenor sax, piano, bass and drums. Ready to repeat. Professional possibilities guaranteed.” Respondents to the announcement included Ian Stewart, a pianist from Surrey. Stu is an expert blues player and boogie woogie. Brian hired him soon after the audition.

Meanwhile, Alexis Corner sends a demo of some of the songs Keith and Taylor have recorded in their home, hoping that Corning will allow them to play at Ealing Club. Any corner will be beautifully received amid criticism from blues purists who dominate Richards’ style, especially in a distorted voice, and Chuck Berry and devastating riffs influence his game. Corner, on the other hand, really appreciates Mike – new to his singing style and his look. Corner discovers that Jagger has the extraordinary ability to master all the vocal techniques of blues and RNB singers: from Muddy Waters to Slim Harpo. By recruiting a guitarist, young, charismatic singer and handsome man, he finds an opportunity to make his group Blues Inc. more popular. So he suggests that Mick join him.

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Mick Jagger befriends Charlie Watts in association with Blues Inc. Born in June 1941, Watts was a jazz fanatic who learned to play his own drums by listening to American jazz records. Max Roach, Art Blake. However, he was destined for an artistic career after taking courses at the Harrow School of Art. He left the company to work as a graphic designer and made posters for an advertising agency. Charlie plays with Dylaton on various jazz groups on the weekends until he is asked by Corner to join Blues Inc. Although Watts suspects that playing his jazzie can be easily integrated into a blues formation, he accepts the suggestion… but, cautiously, he continues his work as a graphic designer.

Another consequence of Jagger Blues’ inclusion in the corporate is the dismissal of Little Boy Blue and Boys Blue – which prompted Richards to join the band formed by Brian Jones. Keith and Bryan are guitarists who spend a lot of time improving their technique: Keith learns the intricacies that separate the passionate Robert Johnson from the rest of the Jimmy Reed game, and learns the techniques of Bryan Berry and Didley.

Very soon, they found associations of unique playing techniques and are now waiting to face the public. However, the two do not consider themselves a real singer – just a singer. Lead, Jagar‌ has played with them many times but he has not followed up on their suggestion yet. As a result, Bryan first hires Paul Jones, a regular at Ealing Club, to record some demos. However, Paul will ask Los Bryan to join the group he joins. In other words, Bryan rejects the offer and tells Jones that he is not a leader. (Paul Jones later became Manfred Mann’s singer.)

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The birth of a myth

As the music of Bryan, Keith, Stu, and Dick Taylor (now bassist) begins to take shape, Mick finally decides to join them and hints to Corner that he can no longer focus on his new band. Sing with Blues Incorporated. Corner, after advising Brian and then Mick, wishes them good luck and promises to try to help them.

In July, Blues Incorporated is scheduled to appear on a BBC jazz show, so the group will have to cancel their gig at the Marquee Club on the same day. Corner also instructs the head of the firm to play the group of Mick and Bryan. Brian, who will take over as the group’s manager, finalizes his contract and calls the local newspaper shortly to announce the show. According to legend, his copy was looked at when asked about the band’s name The best of muddy water When he saw Keith at Dartford station, the same album he had in his hand – lying at his feet – caught his eye under the title “Rollinstone”. Jones responds that his band name is … The Rollins.

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