Geltach: A taste of the most authentic Irish

Geltach: A taste of the most authentic Irish

The Irish speaking part of Ireland ensures a truly deep and completely unique life experience.

LIrish is spoken throughout the island of Ireland. From music to literature, from festivals to events, it can be found everywhere by the name of the place. Even in the rhythm of the English-speaking style.

But the mother tongue is strong in Geltach, Irish is still the first language spoken in homes and communities. Traditions are very active and thriving.

Offers extraordinarily diverse and fun travel opportunities, Each region Separating the Irish language The wealth of cultural heritage, For folklore and tradition, as well as a strong sense of identity and uniqueness.

Immerse yourself in the original Irish culture

In these places the visitor has the opportunity to fully immerse himself in the original Irish culture and beyond An authentic and unforgettable experience, At least one can go home “Focal torque” (A few words) Irish.

Irish-speaking communities are mainly scattered in rural areas Seven counties in the country, Belfast is one of the largest city centers.

Ga spreads as part of the official Geltach counties Donegal, Mayo, Galway E. Kerry, In addition to areas Cork, Meath e Waterford, Including the six inhabited islands of Ireland.


County Donegal, A land of beautiful mountains and lakes surrounded by clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The largest geographical area of ​​Geltach. The permanently inhabited islands of the county offer ornaments of Irish culture that inspire and engage all senses.

Kerry Geltach

At the other end of the island, Kerry Gailtouch County It is famous for its scenic beauty and captivates the visitor from all angles. Peninsula of Dingle, Still an Irish-speaking place in front of the natives Guinness Pints, Ideal for an authentic Irish experience.

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Meath Geltach

Paddy East of Ireland, La Conta de Meith Gailtouch This is a great place to listen or practice speaking Irish and there is no shortage of great activities to do during your stay.

The end

Located in the largest Geltach area in Ireland Connemara, County Galway. Here, in the midst of the majestic landscape, the natives speak their mother tongue every day, and they can easily switch from Irish to English. An Englishman of extraordinary experience Typical Irish styles.

Still undamaged and relatively unexplored, Konnemara is one of the best places for Irish heritage, culture, sports and folklore. Also, on the shores of Galway Bay, Le Tre Isol Aran de Inis Mar, Inis Main e Inis Or They are famous for their unique lifestyle. Here, the Irish language, rich history and centuries-old traditions coexist with modern life.

Where in the country The oldest written language in Western Europe Still talking every day, there are a lot of things to discover. One can be adjusted Vacation at Guildtach Whether it combines walking, adventure sports, tours, golf, horseback riding or an Irish language course … everyone’s most famous Irish phrase sounds: Welcome – One lakh welcome.

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