GDP, Franco: “We will end 2021 with a growth of 6.2-6.3%, which is higher than the Nadif estimate”

GDP, Franco: "We will end 2021 with a growth of 6.2-6.3%, which is higher than the Nadif estimate"

At a hearing on the plot of the House and Senate Joint Budget Commissions, the Finance Minister said: “Even the public finance framework will be better than Nadif’s 9.4 percent.” 8 billion a year for tax reform is “important to use to support families”. Among real estate benefits: “Taxpayers downloaded $ 11.5 billion in tax breaks this year”. In the bills: “Interventions in the coming weeks”

Italy should end the year with 6.6% growth in the third quarter, higher than the 6% indicated in the Nadef. At a hearing on the conspiracy in the Joint Budget Committees of the Chamber and the Senate, Finance Minister Daniel Franco said: “We are likely to close this. Public finance is likely to be better than Nadif’s 9.4 per cent. The government plans to set aside about $ 8 billion a year over the next three years, using budget legislation for tax reform, to “use it to support families and our competitiveness, in line with interventions and what to do next with designated legislation.”

“Eight billion for tax authorities, but 11.5 billion for home bonuses”

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Franco estimates that the complex of expansion of real estate incentives will cost $ 30 billion over the next few years, of which only $ 14 billion for the 110% superbone portion has been extended to 2022. If we consider this, it is “important figures”. 2021, “Expenditure on various real estate bonuses, i.e. the sum of installments of discharged works in previous years, is estimated at 11.5 billion”. “We are discussing $ 8 billion in tax cuts – the minister reiterates – but we take into account that taxpayers are giving $ 11.5 billion in tax breaks this year.”

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“Work on bills in the coming weeks”

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The finance minister says the government will exploit the two billion resources available through the counter-energy strategy with interventions to be decided “in the coming weeks”. The next update of Arera’s electricity and gas bills is expected by the end of December in the first quarter of 2022.

“More digital payments without cashback”

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The Finance Minister said that digital payments have increased even after the abolition of cashback and for this reason the government has decided not to extend it by 2022 by recovering resources. “In the first half of 2021, the value of post payments increased by 28%. During the summer, when cashback became inactive, the percentages remained virtually unchanged,” Franco underlined.

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