Gb: Queen’s speech, Johnson recalls the integrity of the country – Europe

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Among the programmatic priorities of Boris Johnson’s Tory government for the next few months are steps to strengthen the integrity and unity of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth II, 95, read the traditional Queen’s speech without hesitation in Parliament. Charles is closed today with the departure of the Queen in the hands of the heir to the throne.
The move, which appears to be a dry response to calls for a new referendum on the partition of SNP’s independence activists, has been met with controversy, especially in the post-Brexit regime of Northern Ireland.
In general, Kovid aims to re-launch the country and the economy after the Emergency with the primary goal of equality of opportunity and job creation. Offers unprecedented public funding for health care, research, education and training.
Finally, in addition to tightening immigration, there was a reference to new legislative initiatives – along with a renewed commitment to loyalty to NATO – to “combat the activities of hostile foreign countries.”

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