GB, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the sidewalk: “He’s not coming at the end of the month

GB, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the sidewalk: "He's not coming at the end of the month

This is the danger of blackmailing the Prime Minister, who worries the British political world. List of expenses that depend on Johnson’s personal budget reported Courier della sera, It’s long. There is a renovation of a private apartment on Downing Street, in which he lives with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds: with the contribution of some conservative party financiers (never announced) paid 58 58,000. The design furniture chosen by Symonds at a clear interval in the style of Theresa May would have cost ,000 200,000 (approximately ആയി 250,000).

But the burden, after all, is on the chapter on Johnson’s private life: the divorce of six “official official” children to be cared for by his ex-wife, Marina (but there are also ministers on the list, and the “Ana of official” mortgage of one and a half million euros on a house in south London, including Carrie and Oxford.

In short, the hefty costs in the face of a significant recession: the Prime Minister’s personal salary is 157 thousand sterilized per year, 95,000 (approximately 110 thousand euros) less after tax, of which at least the Dominion Street apartment tax, the tax on Bojo’s personal expenses, and all his expenses A thousand euros must be taken away. Before he became head of government, he was estimated to have amassed a figure far from half a million a year: he earned 300,000 euros a year as a Telegraph columnist alone.

To address this and try to end the month, Johnson would turn to conservative party financiers (listed as expenses to be paid by babysitters and personal trainers). He will then ask for a bank loan that has not been officially announced. Labor accusations and corruption are based on transparency.

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