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Gb: Government wants to ban mobile phones in schools – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – London, June 29 – The Tory government of Boris Johnson intends to completely ban the use of mobile phones by children and young people in British schools. Education Minister Gavin Williamson made the announcement.

According to Williamson, cell phone addiction affects school performance, well-being, and sometimes the mental health of young people. The Minister said that he would like to discuss this with the heads of the institutions before formally approving the provision; But – as the Times reports – he is determined to move forward anyway.

Some teacher unions close to the Labor opposition have criticized the idea as a distraction from the most urgent school problems, especially in relation to the need to address the time that children later lose at this stage. To the effects of Kovid Emergency and Lockdon. There are those who wonder how the limitations of the use of smartphones are already in effect here and there, as per the instructions of the individual principals and the differences between the school and the school on the island. In a British study conducted a few years ago, cell phone addiction caused an average decline in performance in more than 8% of students; 14-15% of children with further learning difficulties.

The results have been substantially confirmed by the experience of countries such as Norway or Spain, which have competed with other scholars, who have decided to impose a general ban – or at least a framework of restrictions – for some time. (On the handle).

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