Gavia and Mortiro 2022, Rankings and Winners: Emotions in Nature

Gavia and Mortiro 2022, Rankings and Winners: Emotions in Nature

Beginning of Gran Fonto Gavia and Mortirolo (Photo: Stefano Spalletta)

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Passed the exam with full marks. Gran Fonto Gavia and Mortirolo 2022, Test Prestige From Cycling tourism, Is a gallery of emotions in nature. The goal of the patron Vittorio Mavio The legendary climbs, which mark the history of Italian cycling, are meant to evoke special feelings in the participants by pedaling in the unusual terrain and natural context faced by Gavia and Mortirolo.

Satisfied with the mayor of Africa at the helm of the Valtellina Municipality, a winter-summer vacation resort of the same name connecting Valdellina and Valcamona, Dario Corvey recently reaffirmed: “I would like to thank GS Alpi and Vittorio Mavio for their excellent organization of the performance of this event, and again this year there has been a steady growth in the number of participants. I invite all cyclists to return to our area to continue pedaling on these roads and legendary passes.“.

Gran Fonto Gavia and Mortirolo 2022, Story and Final Rankings: Baldo and Isoni Winners

Grand Trophy GS Alp 2022/23. Gran Fonto Gavia and Mortirolo gave the last points to those who subscribed to the circuit that Vitorio Mavio wanted. The award ceremony for this edition will take place in Leyuglia in October and will include a multi-day event to promote cycling tourism. For the 2023 version of the Gran Trofeo Gs Alpi circuit, four international tests scheduled for this year have been confirmed (Laigueglia, Alassio, Turin and Aprica).

In the name of internationalism. Forty-four cyclists from the Netherlands, fourteen from Belgium, twelve Germans, eleven Hungarians, ten Swiss, nine English, six Dane, and four Irish cyclists from various countries from Granfonto Gavia and Mortiro. And two Slovenes.

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Of the Italian cyclists, 416 were enrolled from Lombardy, 124 from Emilia Romagna and 116 from Piedmont.

Winners of the Eighteenth Edition. Matia Baldo (Team Executive Saw), 24, of Rover, an under-23 amateur who completed his competitive career in the 2019 season and won his first season today, crossed the finish line for the first time in Africa. Second place went to Filippo Caliari (Team Silda Garda), and third to Christian Dallago (Inter Bravo Cafe). In the women’s test, Louisa Isoni (Borio) won, ahead of Carlotta Uber (Team Lapierre Trento) and Alessia Pialorsi (B3L Team).

Warrior Nicki Giusani (Team Asnagi Granfonto), after a lonely escape of thirty kilometers, joined the two most quickly followed in the test, including the ascent to Cologne, entering for the first time this year, much to the acclaim of the participants. In the final, David Lombardy (Vitam in cycling) won. Sergei Pomoshnikov (Team Soldier Garda) placed third. Giulia Portaluri replaces Marco Pipino’s Roadman Azimut Squadron Corps with a proud victory as he crosses the finish line in Africa. Sarah Palfrieder (Bormees) on the second stage of the podium and Chiara Maseto (PM Sport) on the third.

The Queen’s Trial, which had already been included in previous editions of the event before the English Grand Prix, Ricardo Santrozi (Hirod), and Aldo Kaiatti (Team Silda Garda), was a complete success in Granfonto. The women’s test saw the victory of Maria Elena Palmisano (Garda Scott) over Slovenian Eva Sorman (Kk Pocinkovalnica Celje) and Piacenza Mara Manfredi (Vivo Mg.K Vis Dal Colle).

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“Not only in terms of commitment, but I want to thank the boys on the team who supported me this season – says Vittorio Mavio – and now after a break I’ll be back at work on the new version of the circuit. They also show their desire to pedal and entertain cyclists, and thank the companies that support us and the municipal governments who enthusiastically embrace our project.

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