Gates – Bezos: Why They Want To Put Chips In People’s Brains (Tweets + Video) | News about the economy

Gates - Bezos: Why They Want To Put Chips In People's Brains (Tweets + Video) |  News about the economy

Inn Business investment will create Brain tools (Chip) and proposed by Bill Gates Jeff Bezos, According to Bloomberg.

The company was funded by two billionaires SynchronousA competitor to Elon Musk’s Neuralink in its new venture aimed at creating devices that connect the human brain to a computer.

Specifically, interfaces the brain– Computer, well known BCIs They can interpret and stimulate parts of the brain, while they can also be a treatment for brain injuries.

Objective of the company invested by Biz Gates And Jeff Bezos is To contribute to the field of neurology.

This particular device may serve as a future treatment. Around 100 million people worldwide have an upper limb disability and could benefit from technology.

Everything we know about chips

And the Synchron Switch Device Its aim is to help people with paralysis such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) communicate by controlling computer cursors with their minds.

Anyway, the company already has The device is installed on two people Hope to do the same for other volunteers in the coming months.

The volunteers will be under the observation of doctors for a year The data will be provided to the FDA.

Unlike the devices offered by many other companies, which usually involve different types of brain surgery, Synchron’s system A coronary stent is attached to the jugular vein in a process similar to placement. From there the tiny stentrod with electrodes is moved through the bloodstream to his motor cortex the brain.

The implant works by communicating through a small wire With a second breast implant. A transmitter sends signals to a computer near the wearer Chip.

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