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Gasoline, Diesel: A ban on combustion vehicles in Luxembourg?

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Luxembourg wants to ban thermal vehicles. (© Illustration / Liberty Keane)

Soon the end of thermal cars? The European Union takes this seriously.

Its purpose Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030The European Commission will issue a proposal on CO2 emissions from cars in June.

In the process, the date for banning the sale of new thermal cars should be announced. A specific date that was clearly requested by the nine European countries.

Develop “zero emission” vehicles

Letters to the European Commission request special dates for Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands and Luxembourg The sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles has been banned In the territory of the Union.

While waiting for this thermal exit date, Luxembourg and the other eight signatures specifically ask the Commission to speed up Development of rechargeable terminals To encourage manufacturers to build electric cars and “zero emission” vehicles.

Wanted a ban in 2030

As the European Commission calculates in 2035 for this ban, Luxembourg does not want to wait, it wants to 2030 ban, In the opinion of our colleagues L ‘Is essential.

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