Garda is arrested as a mob gathers in the city of Cork

Garda is arrested as a mob gathers in the city of Cork

The Garda made several arrests for public order crimes in the city of Cork on Saturday night as part of an increase in patrols to comply with Covid-19 regulations.

A large crowd gathered in the city center, describing a card as a “carnival atmosphere.”

The footage was taken by charity worker Ali Hamo.

Humou, who volunteers with the One Human Community Charity, which runs soup runs on the weekends, filmed the area at 8 p.m.

It shows people, many without masks, milling around the grand parade, some skateboarding. At one point a garda car appears.

Hamo said last weekend was a similar story in the city.

“If we continue to do this we will never get out of this lockdown.” He told the Irish examiner.

He said he appreciates that many people on the streets are young, but many are drunk and do not wear masks and do not keep a social distance.

Takeaway alcohol

A Garda source familiar with the work in the city center this weekend confirmed the footage was taken, who Told the Irish Examiner There was a “carnival atmosphere” led by the takeaway alcohol.

This made it difficult for officials because of the number of people on the streets, Garda sources said.


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Garda said people are gathering outside pubs serving takeaway liquor, and the recent turn on of Christmas lights has made it even more appealing.

It can be seen that a large number of people have gathered in several city center places.

Garda said no major incidents had taken place and that most people comply when asked to go ahead but that such a situation would cause great inconvenience to the police and staff.

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In response to the events on Saturday evening, Labor Cole John Maher and Labor Local Area Representative Peter Horgan asked the Garda Commissioner to come to Cork this week to resolve the frontline garda’s resource issues.

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