Game of Thrones Studio Tour: Theme Park opens in Ireland

Game of Thrones Studio Tour: Theme Park opens in Ireland

There are those who have forged papers to attend the inauguration of Game of Thrones Studio TourNew tourist center located Northern Ireland. They do Power game (GOT, wording) Young Bran Stark finds an incredible confrontation with the giant groom Hodor and the brave and handsome Missanday. Or at least, with their performers: Hempstead Wright, Christian Nair, Natalie Emmanuel.

In fact, George RR Martin was one of the pioneers of a new attraction based on the fantasy world: the 40 40 million amusement park, which includes sets, costumes and props from the television series. Documents.

Game of Thrones: All records from the Guinness Book of Records

The iconic epic series that inspired all viewers to travel to Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Spain or Morocco (families competing for the Game of Thrones at any cost) has become a series of its own records. Debuted in 2011.

There are 9 certified Guinness World Records for winning the Game of Thrones:

It is the most sought after “on demand” TV show, averaging 7,191,848 Demand expressions Everyday globally.

The most Emmy-winning drama series in history: 59 out of 160 nominations.

ണിത് This is a series in which the tallest actor of all time is given a role: Neil Fingilton, the giant in the army of Mans Raider who died in 2017: 2m and 32cm.

െയിം Game of Thrones is also the pirate TV show of all time: at its most popular moment, the Season 6 finale, which aired on June 26, 2016, was shared simultaneously on 350,000 torrents.

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Most viewers shared a single torrent file at the same time, 258,131.

ഫ Everyone will then remember the character of La Montagna, played by Huffer Julius Bonson: the Icelandic actor who stood out for breaking the record for the longest throw of a washing machine and a keg beer.

െയിം Game of Thrones created the largest mapping of an imaginary world in Minecraft: In 2015, the Westerroscraft project mapped about 806.5 sq km of Westeros, Riverton and Winterfell to use the configuration of an RPG based on Saga.

െയിം Game of Thrones is a record-breaking TV show (i.e., number of countries broadcasting simultaneously): The second episode of the fifth season aired simultaneously in 173 different countries.

ഓഫ് Finally, Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones 16: 2016 is the most award-winning TV series from the Visual Effect Society.

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Game of Thrones Studio: Where is the theme park

These and other milestones that make Game of Thrones a unique and memorable series are all freshly remembered. Game of Thrones Studio, a kind of theme park Exactly made in one of Saga’s official filming locations: i Linen Mill Studios A BonbridgeInn Northern Ireland.

Game of Thrones Studio promises to be an experience that will satisfy the curiosity of the most avid viewers, prompting them to take a few steps behind the curtain of seven countries.

Game of Thrones Studio: What you can do at the theme park

In fact, guests at the Game of Thrones studio can enter the Great Hall in Winterfell, where John Snow is proclaimed “King of the North”. See Deneris Targaryen’s Giant Dragonstone Throne. Stay in touch with the series’ incredible equipment, weapons, and visuals. Discover some of the secrets of the skill and craft that helped make the show “transport” from the pages of the script to the screen.

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You can start from the initial sketches and follow the evolution of the series, which over time has transformed into the wonderful worlds of the throne of swords, thanks to the special effects, you can deal with epic battles and fire. – Breathing dragons, armies of the living and the dead.

“This is the first time Warner Bros. Theme Entertainment has launched a worldwide attraction in Northern Ireland,” said Julian Moon, head of consumer products at EMEA Warner Bros. Tickets cost 39 39.50 (approximately യൂറോ 47) for adults and. 31.50 (approximately യൂറോ 37) for children under 16. Admission is as low as കുട്ടികൾ 27.50 (approximately. 32.50).

Game of Thrones e Low “Streaming Tourism”

In the midst of incredible success, the Game of Thrones is no stranger to taking tourism too far in some places, where fans have gone as far as secular pilgrimage. According to the Irish Tourism Board’s Tourism NI, tourism in the region’s region has brought about 50 million into the local economy, with at least 350,000 people passing through. Browse our gallery to find out some of the most beautiful places where Game of Thrones was filmed.

Continue browsing the gallery to find other locations where the Game of Thrones series was filmed

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