Game of Thrones: Author George RR Martin announces a different but constantly changing story for the series

Game of Thrones: Author George RR Martin announces a different but constantly changing story for the series

George RR Martin hinted at the writing of the next two Iron Throne books, hinting that they will be very different from the end of the series.

And Power play For better or worse ended in May 2019, Literary saga Still writing. It’s been over a decadeGeorge RR Martin devotes himself to writing winter wind etc A dream of spring, 6th and 7th installments The Iron Throne.

A constantly changing story

Although this Rarely happenedGeorge RR Martin Recently opened up about his work. He revealed Lots of important information Inn A post published on his blog July 5:

“My stories grow, evolve and change as I write them. I usually know where I’m goingOf course… final destinations, Big pieces of the puzzle have been in my mind for years…decades […] But the devil is in the details, sometimes The ground beneath my feet shifts as the words flow.

I am working on my winter garden. Like gardening, things grow and change. Things are moving, new ideas come (thanks to my muse), old ideas become impossible to use, I write, I rewrite, I rebuild, I start from scratch, rewrite everything. »

“I open doors that lead to the dead and others that allow me to reach wonderful worlds. »

George RR Martin

A separate ending to the series

George RR Martin used this speech to reassure his fans: If writing has uncertainties, « the majority [de ce qu’on découvrira dans les livres] will be different [de la fin de la série] »He wrote.

“Not all characters who survive the end of the series will be alive at the end of the novel. Some will survive, too. of course. Most of the time. But not all. Of course, I could decide to change everything next week when I look at the next chapter I have to write. »

In connection with this speech, the writer also expressed his regret for overflowing the series. when Power play Released in 2011, it featured George RR Martin « A five-pound head start”. He says: « is I didn’t believe for a second that they would catch me, but they did. They caught me passed me. »


If it looks like George RR Martin has decided to leave him alone “Winter Garden” Blooming at its own pace, HBO has enough to keep us waiting Series dedicated to Jon Snow. The other good news is that we will find out House of the Dragon Since Monday, August 22 at OCS.

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