Game of Thrones ടോ Tom Vlashiha of Earth / Northern Ireland, known as …

Game of Thrones ടോ Tom Vlashiha of Earth / Northern Ireland, known as ...

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Homeland is Northern Ireland Game of Thrones®: Fans of the HBO hit series know this, they have a land of big spirits on their bucket list. The series was filmed at 26 locations in Northern Ireland, in addition to two on-site studios, Titanic Studios in Titanic Quarter and Linen Mill Studios in southwest Belfast. Now German actor Tom Vlashieh has introduced Jacken Hagar in the series, giving him the opportunity to tour the country and filming locations. “In my role in Game of Thrones, I ‘ve never traveled much through Westeros,” admits Tom Vlashiha, but is even happier: “But now I’m finally discovered the stunning and mysterious landscape of Northern Ireland.”

On his tour Northern Ireland He explored Cornlow Harbor, which served as the port of Bravos in the series, which was the backdrop for seasons 6 and 7. Here, for example, H’ghar’s Apprentice Aria appeared. Vlashiha also visited the Cushendun Caves, a little further north along the Causeway. In Season 2 Episode 4, Melisandre’s retreat acts as the cove and cave in Stormland’s, where she gives birth to the shadow devil. Tom Vlashiha also climbed the Fairhead during his visit and enjoyed the beautiful view of the coast of Northern Ireland. Located at an altitude of 180 m above sea level, this cliff series has been the scene of several dramatic encounters.

His journey into his own (cinematic) past ended with a visit to the new Game of Thrones Studio Tour, Provides a remarkable rear view of this mega production at the Linen Mill Studio. During his tour, Tom Vlashiha was delighted to fulfill numerous autographs and photo requests. The highlight of his stay was the visit of his filmmaker Jacken Hagar, who dedicated a special room to him on a studio tour that looked like the interior of the House of Black and White.

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Tourism Ireland supported Tom Vlashiha’s journey. German boss Nadeen Lehmann said: “After a tiring days of shooting, we are delighted to find Tom Vlashiha’s time to reassure himself about the beautiful landscape of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland’s importance to the world is once again evident and is further evidence of the country’s beautiful appeal. ”

Edge tips between north and south

In addition to the many filming locations in Northern Ireland, you can also delve deeper into the world of Westeros and learn a lot more. Activities Feel like a hero in the series: Archery in Castle Ward, Horseback Riding on the Beach, Ax Erie or Fierce Wolves, these are actually Northern Inuit dogs. At the Stark Feast you can have dinner like a nightmare. In addition, there are many other attractions for fans in Northern Ireland: as the series became more successful and larger each year, the demand and interest of fans increased. Doors of Game of Thrones പത്ത് carvings have been carved on ten pubs in Northern Ireland. There is one that is hand-woven and embroidered Fabrics, It’s digitized and can be appreciated online. About 80 meters long and scenes from eight seasons. Finally, there are six art forms in Belfast Glass windowI show the various scenes in the series on the banks of the Lagaan River.

Game of Thrones Studio Tour Facts

– The Great Hall of Winterfell, at the heart of the Game of Thrones studio tour, is a real space that has remained throughout the making of the studio tour, and has remained relatively unchanged since last season 8 taping.

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– All Game of Thrones Studio Tour costumes, weapons, props, and most of the sets are the originals used to shoot the series. The tour uses materials from all 8 seasons of the series, including John Snow’s famous sword “Longclav” and Sansa’s famous wedding dress that she wore to her wedding to Joffrey.

– In the design and production of the Studio Tour, the artisans and craftsmen of the original series were consulted to ensure that the high quality of the series was maintained.

– Studio Tour takes guests from the cool north of Land Beyond the Wall to King’s Landing and the famous Throne Room. Along the way, guests will see a variety of stunning backgrounds as well as construction areas and interactive elements behind the curtain.

– The Castle Black set remains largely unchanged from the set, with only minor structural changes to ensure long-term use of the set.

– All Game of Thrones® “Ship Based” filming was also filmed at the Linen Mill Studio. The studio has one of the largest green screens in the UK.

– Many important moments in the series, from Sansa’s coronation to the Battle of Blackwater, were filmed at the Linen Mill studio.

If you know more Filming locations in Ireland If you want to know, listen to the Tourism Ireland podcast.


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