Galax’Sis out – this musician was behind it

Galax'Sis out - this musician was behind it

Next Celebrity Out: After Brillie, Cola and Seagull, Galaxy also had to leave the show. A professional musician hid in “The Masked Singer” costume.

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The fourth episode of the Rate Show ran on Saturday evening. The grand finale of “The Masked Singer” will take place in two weeks. It was sung a while ago for Galax’Sis. Just before the semifinals, the star of the dress, which was adorned with a wreath of small light-emitting elements, was eliminated.

Galax’Sis initially seemed to raise questions for the jury, which this week includes Ruth Moshner, Ria Garvey and Linda Cervakis. “A little serious. Do we know who he is?” The Irish singer said at a loss. Malena Ernman, the mother of climate activist Greta Thunberg, has been fired by former “Tagess‌chow” news anchor.

“It was a great adventure.”

But then Ruth Moshner and Ray Garwick had the right instinct. The duo named Ange Engelke, Mandy Capristo and Jonah Zimmer. Of course: the second was under the mask. The Galaxy Sis costume was worn by 39-year-old Joanna Zimmer. “It was a great adventure,” the singer said excitedly as she took off her mask.

Joanna Zimmer was a galaxy. (Source: ProSieben / Willi Weber)

Six dresses are still in competition for the title “Masked Singer 2022”. In the guise of the thorn devil, the jury suspects, for example, ur-bachelor Paul Janke, as well as Bela B or Farin Urlab. On the other hand, under the Starfish Mask, the jury may have had a woman, according to Jasna Fritzi Bower or Victoria Swarovski.

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The gorilla’s performance particularly impressed the jury. “Incredible”, “Miracle” and “Madness” are just some of the compliments given after the performance. On Saturday evening the gorillas performed an amazing dance.

The disco ball also worked wonders. She took off her rich spherical dress and appeared casually with a very low-cut shiny coat. This gave the guessing team at least a brief overview of the anatomy of the celebrity. “It was brilliant,” Garvey said. Also, the name Janet Biedermann continued to be in the race.

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