Gafe about Amazon and Northern Ireland reuniting for a rugby match

Gafe about Amazon and Northern Ireland reuniting for a rugby match

A fun customer service gaff: It all started with a rugby match

16/11/2020 Of Gianmichele Leino

Amazon is rewriting history. On Twitter. Wrong. This weekend Epical Gaffe, all Anglo-Saxon Europe (and part of the Mediterranean who value rabbi) in the new format of the Rugby Autumn Nation Cup (hosting Georgia and the Fiji Islands) is increasingly – paradoxically the oval ball in the UK. one of the Amazon and Northern Ireland This is an amazing story that deserves to be told.

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Occurred in the Amazon and Northern Ireland

A user, obviously a rugby fan, why – despite the rights to Amazon Prime Rugby Autumn National Cup, England could not watch the match. The response was that Amazon only has rights in the UK and that the person in question is in Northern Ireland. But wait: Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

Twentieth-century history books tell us about the Northern Irish War, the IRA, the attacks on the British Crown to claim the unity of the Green Island, the more than 3,000 deaths caused by the actual civil war, and the invasion. Lord Mountbatten, an influential member of the royal family. Amazon deleted everything with the Twitter customer service gaff.

The Amazon and Northern Ireland are a diplomatic event

The multinational apologized, calling what had happened a trivial mistake. However, this issue did not avoid significant diplomatic repercussions: Naomi Long, The Minister of Justice of the autonomous Northern Irish Government, spoke openly about “an international event caused by the Amazon.” There were even those who praised him on social media Comrade Amazon, Finish with the flag of the Republic of Ireland. The straight line between paradox and diplomatic crisis transcends the time limit of a social network. This made us realize how easy it is to forget the story when a small mistake in television coverage threatens to cost you a rugby match.

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