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In Yekaterinburg, two similar friends hacked Face ID on an iPod and demanded $ 1 million in damages from Apple. Ivan Christie, Apple’s head of engineering security, offered the money to anyone who finds damage to the company’s device. How two Russians seek compensation and write Telegram-Channel mash.

Daniel says he took the tablet from Nikita when he unlocked the device with Face ID and wanted to ask for a passcode. The friends decided to contact the support service and ask for compensation, but they were told that there were practically no such cases and suggested resetting the Face ID and reinstalling it. They did not offer compensation, but Dan and Nikita intend to seek the amount announced by Christie.

Previously Apple Approved Also fixed a critical bug in the iPhone. According to a description of vulnerability in security expert John Beer’s blog, system relativity has allowed any Apple smartphone to gain control. It can be hacked using the proprietary wireless mesh protocol AWDL. The specialist-discovered system enables remote access to photos, messages, and e-mail on the iPhone, as well as the status of the device.

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