Gabriel Kelly: Angelo Kelly’s son’s first solo single

Gabriel Kelly: Angelo Kelly's son's first solo single

Gabriel Kelly
Angelo Kelly’s son’s first solo single

Gabriel Kelly walks a single path.

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Fans can look forward to Gabriel Kelly’s first solo single. Angelo Kelly’s son makes his debut with a rap song.

Gabriel Kelly (19) begins his first solo release. Angelo Kelly’s eldest son (39) released his single “Such” on Friday – recording hip-hop production with younger sister Helen (18). Why he chose German rap, not the usual Kelly nomads.

He wanted to use “Such” to try something new that “didn’t go with the family program”. “My songs are self-written and the lyrics don’t allow anyone to help me, because it has to be personal,” says 19-year-old igs. The siblings are also optically different from their prominent relatives. Instead of a long mane, both shave their heads in surprise.

The fact that Sister Helen could be heard in her solo debut was not initially planned. “At first I only had Helen on the song as a demo singer because I needed a female voice on the chorus. Helen sang it from Ireland. I really liked it, and she continued with the song,” Kelly reveals.

Dramatic music video

18-year-old Gabriel Kellys is also there With music video To see it was filmed “in the attractive buildings of Blitzer Heliston.” “This character served as an ideal setting for the abstraction and love-hate relationship that I wanted to symbolize. Through this, the theme of the song, the fight against addiction, became clear again, which gives me a good sense of what it is now. However, Gabriel does not reveal what” addiction “is and who it is.

Gabriel Kelly’s musical talents are no coincidence. He has been publishing music for many years with his parents, Angelo, Kira Kelly, 41, and four younger siblings. Some of their songs, known as Angelo Kelly & Family, were written by Gabriel.


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