G7: Great powers are committed to vaccines and climate

Les dirigeants des sept puissances mondiales étaient réunis du 11 au 13 juin en Cornouailles (Royaume-Uni)

Leaders of seven major economic powers in England this weekend pledged to provide one billion doses of vaccine to poor countries and to be carbon neutral by 2050. China and Brexit accelerate talks

Leaders of the seven world powers meet in Cornwall County, southwest England, from 11 to 13 June – Attribution: European Union

Gone are the divisions of the Trump era, paving the way for unity and pluralism” [Euronews] : In short, this is the message of optimism given by the leaders of the G7 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom) at the end of the meeting in Corbis Bay, Cornwall, this weekend. “Confidence is back in the G7. We share the same viewsUrsula von Der Lane, President of the European Commission, was also present.

First in vaccines, Leaders of the great powers on Sunday promised to deliver one billion doses of vaccine against Kovid-19 by the end of 2022 to address the immunization delay in poor countries.”, Describe International Mail. 870 million will be provided directly through the Kovacs system, while the rest will be funded. “US to pay 500 million doses, UK and EU to pledge 100 million each”, Completed Release.

Regarding the weather, “The G7 countries are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2010.[[[[Echoing]. In the final statement, the great powers also promised “Prepare for future health crises“And”Bring 40 million more girls to school by 2026″, List BBC.

However, criticism is strong on both issues. Countries facing opposition from the United States and Japan say:It rejects the proposal to stop production of diesel and gasoline cars and thinks developing countries will have to pay to reduce their own pollution.”, Point Politico. If vaccines are donated, this figure is “It is far from 11 billion doses […] The World Health Organization believes it is needed to protect 70% of the world’s population” [The Guardian].

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Chinese Super Power

Despite being absent from the summit, China was the center of discussion. “By stating ‘values ​​of democracy’, the press release also seems to endorse the president’s diplomatic strategy. [américain], Launched in the existential struggle of democracy against dictatorship, China is at the forefront”, Considering Release. For example, the G7 displays “Its desire to develop a comprehensive infrastructure plan to counter China’s new Silk Roads”, The newspaper continues. “Estimated at more than $ 40 trillion, [ce projet] Focuses on climate, health, digital technology and the fight against inequality”[[[[Echoing].

Contribution of VaccinesRepresents the strong problem of ‘soft power’ ”For G7, analysis The world. “China and Russia have been practicing in Africa and Asia for months, with similar products (Synoform, Sputnik V)”. “Chinese propaganda […] “The days when global decisions were proposed by a small group of countries are long gone,” he said yesterday. “, Quotes by Pierre Husky France Inter. And the editorialist to warn that democracy “It simply came to our notice then […] If it is truly universal; Non-G7”.

Heads of state and government have called on the World Health Organization to investigate.It is fast, transparent, expert-led and science-based”About the origin of Kovid-19 [BBC]. Finally, at the NATO summit starting today,Biden wants to push for Russian and Chinese threats”, Title The world.

Tensions in Northern Ireland

But several media outlets reported that the summit overcame tensions between Europeans and the British. “A spit of dislike against Brexit wasted the chance to impress the UK Prime Minister on the international stage”, Thus analyzed by the Political Editorialist Guardian. Boris Johnson said on Saturday that the French president’s remarks could be interpreted as questioning Northern Ireland’s membership in the United Kingdom.Some of our friends here seem to have misunderstood the UK as a country and a region” [Politico].

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On the same day, the head of the British government “Put a part back into the machineIt threatened to unilaterally suspend an agreement imposing customs restrictions on goods traveling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. A statement from Europeans: “Rhetoric must come to an extent, and we must actively seek solutions”, Quoted a European source The world After a tripartite meeting between European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane and European Council President Charles Michel and Johnson.

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