Future M5S- Moves of the shadow of Raggi and De Battista in Corriere.it

Future M5S- Moves of the shadow of Raggi and De Battista in Corriere.it
from Alessandro Trocino

The worker can challenge the leader. But there are those who are forming a new party. The former mayor is out, but he has a hard time agreeing to go through with Di Maio

About the near future Existence of Govt
(even without numbers is enough), but the question for some time Where is the 5 star movement going? It seems out of place, because the movement has become Pirandello, one, nobody, one hundred thousand. There was a complete split between the governing governess and the neo-responsibility class. Luigi Di Maio
. But there are many Characters in search of an author Perhaps the party: Alessandro de Battista, whose steady career as a descamizado replaces his struggle in absence, the identity of an activist with that of a reporter; There Virginia Raggi, didn’t make a stellar showing as mayor, but carried his own particular weight, with ambiguous positions on vaccines and carving out autonomy, then his successor’s fight against a waste-to-energy plant cleared by customs. , Roberto Gualtieri. Then there is Giuseppe ConteTemporizer One leg and two out of the government. But there are also external characters to be reckoned with: Marco Travaglio, Contiano ad honorum, pushing the party into opposition. Michelle Santoro, a journalist-tribune, has gained new visibility for her stances, which are not exactly pro-Ukrainian.

Is there anything common in this crazy tangle? Maybe not one, but there are many. Let’s take Virginia ragi. It is rumored that he wants to leave the movement. Rather than a temptation, it is a necessity. Because she needs an exemption from the two-term ceiling rule to be a candidate. Grillo Seems closed to any insult, but not told. Otherwise there would be Luigi Di Maio, with whom there were ups and downs. Pity the race line is combative and bears little resemblance to Dimayani’s institutional turn. and so? Despite all that has happened in recent years, Raggi still has the option of throwing his own party with capitalized credit. or other grillini and ex.

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Some kind of Baptist? The former parliamentarian plays today To be an activist and reporter. In Russia, for A daily occurrence
, he searches for stories that confirm his views. De Batista could rejoin the movement if Conte decides to leave the government. At that point, many will return, including the Rays, if the two-term roof blows off. De Batista could run as a candidate in the election, perhaps on a ticket with the former mayor, weakened by better ballot boxes, and by joining the government, could challenge the leader. De Batista can’t come back if Conte doesn’t go. So what to do? The easiest option is normal: travel, make the flavor of humanity, make foreign barricade announcements. Or get back in the game. Create your own formation or using rays. Although Maxime de Battista, a well-known captain on a trip on the Rio Napo, often remembers: if you swim, always wear a tight swimsuit.

Three Footnotes: In the Unloved de Battista Movement. Also, a very anti-Atlantic line doesn’t match Conte. Third, the man prefers to play as a free hitter rather than a leader. However, he was already on tour in November Alessio Villarosa, ended in Mixed, which spoke of a new party called Su la Testa, with de Battista as its natural leader. But the political position? De Battista and Raggi may be compatible, united by strong anti-Dem sentiment, with right-wing tendencies. With Di Maio centrist and Conte Labour, the parliamentary arc will be covered. Both may later be joined by another former Italexit Gianluigi ParagoneNot just with extreme positions that echo the original 5 stars, but with anti-European right-wing and anti-establishment apathy.

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And Michelle Santoro? In 2016 he said 5 stars Purely right, Grillo moves between trenchant and insulting. He only shares the line about Putin with de Battista, but not the 20th century references. He recently said that if Conte leaves the government and takes a decidedly left-wing stance, he is ready to lend a hand and therefore run for the M5S. But Conte, as Mattia Feltri says, is the leader of five currents at the same time (governors, barricaders, mediators, waiters and himself). When the first rod – Conte – falls in both directions, Shangai begins to form. Until then the games are open.

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