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Future: How important is your home to be like a castle

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Home and home and place are different things. Childhood homes are not boilers, but old-fashioned relationships and people. A home can be a home when relationships are lived and continue. The house also reflects the state of mind.

Now Prof. in Epidemiology. We strive for what Ovcharov said: more security and protection.

Because there are so many aggressive technologies that make a home comfortable, more and more privacy is becoming more and more common, and humor can only help to deal with how much the public is attacking the boundaries of our home.

It is fundamentally important to have a castle. Nomads who choose to travel still have the idea of ​​a home. But there are many forced nomads living on subways and borders.

No one had imagined it like this last year, but the question is how long this situation will last.

It affects us at home as a territory of our relationship. For example, many couples argue more about the washing machine than their relationship problems. Lack of communication with more people from outside not only makes the house saturated with security but also incompatibility.

With technology, something familiar comes into the form of foam, and something comes to life from the fantasy worlds.

For example, if you feed the dog from a distance, who will the dog contact?

My patients have a lot of anxiety disorders, depression, which mainly occurs without contact with unmarried people. In general, long-standing and rarely active problems are now exacerbated.

This section is part of a special project by Bulgaria On Air Future: Home“On January 31, 2021.

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