Funeral of Prince Philip: 5 things to know about the royal dress code

Funeral of Prince Philip: 5 things to know about the royal dress code

There are many restrictions on being part of the British royal family including wardrobe! Overview of these bizarre rules governing the dress protocol of royalty across the channel.

Meanwhile Culture of Prince Philip It will take place on Saturday, April 17th Royal family They are already obliged to obey the dress codes that govern their daily lives. Here are 5 facts about it Protocol Mode Very special.

Members of the royal family always change clothes with them

If you are a fan Series Crown, This information will definitely tell you something. The royal family must Always wear a black suit when traveling if one of its members dies. of course, In 1952 Queen Elizabeth II – Then the princess – learns about the death of her father George VI in Kenya. As the Netflix show shows, She did not have a black dress in her hand and had to wait for a dress suitable for mourning in the eyes of the photographers before leaving the plane on her way back to London.. After that, a change of clothes is mandatory to deal with such an unexpected event.

Military uniforms are required at weddings and deaths

You may have already noticed this, but at their wedding, Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren wore their military uniforms: fairy-tale in red William In a black coat Harry. Worn for special occasions (death, remembrance, etc.), This uniform symbolizes the passing of members of the royal family in the armed forces. No. No military titles – including Captain General of the Royal Marines – For his grandfather’s grave, Harry must wear ordinary clothes, not ordinary military uniforms.. A ceremonial distinction showing its separation from the duties of the royal family.

The strategic colors of the queen

For Elizabeth II fans, you know that the Queen always wears bright colors.. these Shades are chosen according to the context and the location where the photo was taken : Jade color to visit Ireland, green for the speech of hope about the Kovid-19 pandemic, pink for the 2012 London Olympics, because this color is not part of the flags of any of the participating countries. And options Seen from a distance, fans can see it wherever they are. And more For the funeral of her husband, the Queen will wear dark colors as recommended in the protocol in case of mourning.

Shorts for the little ones in the royal family, even in winter!

The little ones in the royal family do not wear pants even in winter ! In fact, most of the time, Lords George And Louis Wear shorts with a pair of high socks when it is cold. A English and aristocratic heritage : Of course boys of their rank will look bad wearing simple pants. A law that lasts until they are eight years old Kate and William’s children are visually flexible, as mentioned in the rare photos that can be seen in the pants. To see which option the parents will choose for the grandfather’s funeral.

A handbag full of meaning

Royal Family Ladies bags are meaningful pieces. For Kate Middleton, Her elegantly dressed iconic clutch bags would be an excuse not to shake hands, she already has them. As for Queen of England, the code attached to her handbag – which she has been loyal to for more than half a century – is more complex. If she passes it From left hand to right hand it means she wants to shorten a conversation Or If she puts it on the ground, it’s because she wants to get out quickly Where it is located. Dedicated activities for his staff that we pay special attention to at the funeral of Prince Philip!

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