Full Moon May 2022 with Full Lunar Eclipse: The Damned Moon

Full Moon May 2022 with Full Lunar Eclipse: The Damned Moon

Unique astronomical phenomena will soon adorn the night sky Full moon Combined with May 2022 this year Total lunar eclipse.

Full Moon May 2022 – When

The full moon is expected to occur in May 2022 May 16, MondayWhen it reaches the summit at 7:15 am (Greek time).

However, as the “Almanac” magazine explains, the full moon of May falls in many parts of the world Appears from last night (Sunday, May 15).

In fact, it’s not a simple full moon, but a “full moon.”Super-full moon“, A particularly bright full moon that occurs when the moon is at a particular point in its orbit, which is closest to our planet.

Astronomers describe the coming full moon “Bloody MoonThe full moon in May is commonly referred to as the “Flower Moon” because of the expected total lunar eclipse.

The name was coined by Native Americans (Algonquin and Ojibwe tribes) because it is the time when a variety of flowers appeared.

Other names for the full moon in May are:

  • Frog Moon (Cree Tribe)
  • Rising Moon (Cree Race)
  • Nadeel Chandran (Dakota and Lakota tribes)

Total lunar eclipse – Destroyed moon

A total lunar eclipse will take place in May in conjunction with the Supermoon phenomenon.

More specifically, this eclipse occurs when the full moon moves into the shadow of the earth, which covers the moon, which deviates from the angles of our atmosphere and reaches the surface of the moon. In simple words, The earth enters between the moon and the sun. Thus, the moon will darken slightly, Reddish colorIt is also responsible for the name “Destroyed Moon”.

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In Greece, this phenomenon is not fully visibleThe total eclipse is expected to reach its peak on Monday (May 16) at 06:12 AM.

However, depending on the time and date, A partial lunar eclipse will be visible shortly before 5:27 p.m.At that point the sky will begin to take on a slightly reddish hue.

The phenomenon of the upcoming lunar eclipse will be more clearly visible below May 16:

We note that the lunar eclipse in May will be the first of two such eclipses to occur in 2022, and the second is expected on November 8.

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