Full lockdown ‘not necessary’, says Boris Johnson

Full lockdown 'not necessary', says Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he does not believe England needs a full lockdown to fight Covid-19.

Johnson announces his three-pronged strategy in the House of Commons this afternoon.

The ranges are categorized as Medium, High and Very High.

He said the medium alert level would cover most of the UK. The high range reflects current local lockdowns, and Alert aims to reduce households to home transmission.

Johnson said a very high alert level would apply where broadcasts are rising rapidly.

Areas that are listed as media are subject to the same rules that currently apply across the country, such as the Sixth Rule and the 10pm Hospitality Curfew.

At high alert levels, which apply to most areas that are already subject to restrictions, home mixing will be prohibited. However, support bubbles are still allowed.

The highest alert level will apply to the most concerned areas, and community mixing will be prohibited in homes and private gardens.

Pubs and bars will be closed in very high alert level areas if they are unable to function as a restaurant. People will be instructed against traveling to and from areas.

A senior government adviser said the sharp rise in the number of people in need of emergency treatment for the corona virus was due to increasing pressure on hospitals in the UK.

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Professor Jonathan Van-Tom, England’s deputy chief medical officer, said while cases were growing rapidly in the north of England, it was worrying that they were heating up in more parts of the country than a week ago.

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At a press conference ahead of Mr. Johnson’s announcement of further restrictions, Prof. Van-Tom said other areas in the north-west of England are following suit, the virus is moving through the ages, and spiking first started among young people.

In the northwest and northeast, it is spreading from young people over the age of 60, and there is a rate of change in those areas, and it is spreading a little further south, ”he said.

“This is remarkable again, because the elderly in Kovid-19 suffer a very bad condition, the longer they are hospitalized, the more difficult it is to care for them.”

Kovid-19 still has no treatment or vaccine, said Professor Stephen Pavis, NHS England’s national medical director. More people are now infected with the corona virus than were announced in March.

“Unfortunately, as the number of infected people increases, so does the number of deaths,” he said.

“That’s why the government is looking at what other measures can be taken in areas where the infection is most prevalent,” he said.

As the Secretary of Health said, if we do not take steps to control the spread of the virus, the death toll will be very high.

He said all NHS hospital staff, regardless of symptoms, would now be regularly screened and asked to be ready to take patients to Nightingale Hospitals in Manchester, Sunderland and Harrogate.

Johnson chaired the Cobra Emergency Committee meeting to “determine final interventions.”

Northern Ireland political leaders attended the Cobra meeting.

The last seven days have seen the Northern Ireland hospital system at 82% capacity.

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The Northern Ireland Department of Health reported three deaths and 877 positive cases of Kovid-19.

The latest death toll is 591 in Northern Ireland.

In the last seven days, 6,161 new positive cases have been detected. The total number of cases in the region was 21,035.

Hospitals with Kovid-19 currently have 140 patients, including 22 in the intensive care unit.

MPs will be asked to discuss and vote on the measures later this week.

Johnson will hold a press conference this evening with Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Vity on Downing Street.

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