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This March, Tesla planned to introduce “significant improvements” to the autopilot system outside the US, announced by CEO Elon Musk at the end of 2021, but there has been no update yet. However, just before the end of the month, the head of Tesla was a little emboldened to contact the international timetable. FSD is basically the new autopilot software. It has been tested in the USA since October 2020 and in Canada last weekend. In Europe, Musk announced this week that FSD beta testing will begin this summer.

Tesla chief says Europe needs FSD in summer

However, this declaration is still subject to regulatory approvals. The Tesla CEO had already mentioned this in December. At the inauguration of the German gigafactory last week, he repeated it FSD testing in Europe is likely to begin this year. He wrote on Twitter this Tuesday that beta software would be coming to Europe this summer – if the authorities allow it.

Musk said in a speech to fans that there are still things to be acknowledged Delivery day at the German Gigafactory near Berlin I do not know. But unlike the US, he generally explained that the European Union requires prior approval for such road beta testing. Musk said Tesla would be ready to “show” the authorities in two or three months. The trial is expected to begin later this year.

On Tuesday, Tesla Bose stood firm on the regulatory framework for regulatory approval, but at least in terms of timing. FSD-Beta will be available in European left-hand drive countries this summer and right-hand drive a few months later, he said in response to a question. If the authorities play together, the beta test will begin in the first European countries in the latest September.

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Customers want autopilot upgrades

However, Tesla will not have to wait for approval to further develop its former autopilot system for Europe. In fact, for regulatory reasons, it is currently limited, for example, How fast curves can be driven by the Tesla system. However, other serious autopilot vulnerabilities, such as speeding on freeways or using outdated databases, can be corrected without official permission. That’s what European Tesla owners have long wanted – but working on FSD seems to connect all the resources of the autopilot team.

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