Frozen mammoth baby found in Canada | Nature

Frozen mammoth baby found in Canada |  Nature

A baby woolly mammoth has been found frozen in permafrost in northwestern Canada.

This is the first such discovery in North America.

Mammoths with ice age mummies are believed to be more than 30,000 years old.

It was discovered by prospectors on Tuesday (21/6) in the Klondike area of ​​Yukon.

According to broadcaster CBC News, a miner called his boss to check if his bulldozer had hit the mud of Dawson City’s South Eureka Creek.

The area discovered is the first Nation of Trondek Hwech.

The Yukon government has compared the 2007 discovery of a baby mammoth in Russia to permafrost in Siberia.

The government said it was “the most complete mummified mammoth found in North America” ​​and only the second largest in the world.

The baby, believed to be female, is named Nan Cho Ga – Photo: Yukon Government

The size of the Siberian baby, which is about 42,000 years old, is about the same, the Yukon government said in a statement.

The baby, believed to be female, was named Nan Cho Ga, which means “big animal baby” in the Han language spoken by the locals.

“Nan Cho Ga is beautiful and one of the most incredible mummified ice age animals ever found in the world,” said paleontologist Grant Sasula.

Partial remains of a baby mammoth were found in a gold mine in Alaska in 1948, before Nan Cho Gai.

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