From the “liberal parenthesis” to the masks against Kovid, these ten myths have been told to us … they have destroyed confidence.

From the "liberal parenthesis" to the masks against Kovid, these ten myths have been told to us ... they have destroyed confidence.

1983: “Liberal parenthesis”

Want to “change your life” and then give it up after twenty months. The Franോois Mitterrand and the Socialists in power are not moving forward when it comes to austerity. For good reason, cutting public spending, freezing salaries and raising interest rates are against the program that blew the trumpet during the campaign. PS’s first secretary Lionel Jospin possesses formula to pass pill – or seizure: executive opens one Liberal parenthesis “Even the French and PS extremists believe in it: Do not panic, this political deviation will not last, it is time to transform the neighboring countries into social Europe. The rest everyone knows … in his latest book, Turbulent timeThe same Jospin explains it clearly: “ This provocation of the parentheses was one way […] To accept change and to accept others. While these rhetoric may have worked at the time, today, after European stability and a growth agreement or privatization orders signed by a particular Jospin, things are different.

1992: Europe revives Maastricht

When re-reading the promises of a terrestrial paradise during the referendum campaign on the Maastricht Treaty, one question comes to mind: why did 12.6 million French people (48.96% of voters) vote “against”? Shouldn’t they suffer a little from the masochistic deviation? of course. Eight days before the vote, socialist Martin Aubrey launches in Bethune: ” Europe will have more jobs and more social security and exclusion. “The same week, Dr. Bernard Kochner did not even consider social considerations, which is very bad for him:” We laugh more with Maastricht. For those who like black humor, of course there can be 3% comedy and a Spanish or Spanish breakdown of Greek drama, and posting rates requires a good amount of tax jokes in Ireland or Luxembourg. And irrelevant tax on profits or capital. The worst political and economic commitments need to be taken with caution. Moreover, in a 2019 survey of iPhones published in the Journal du Dimanch, 52% of French people would vote “no” to the Maastricht Treaty.

1997: “Long-term globalization!”

Even in 1997, we had the courage to sing the praises of globalization and the colors of wealth. Alan Mink, an advisor to the powerful of all stables, did the same, and in the same year published a book entitled Happy Globalization. He explained that as soon as we acknowledged generalized control, unrestricted free trade, excessive flexibility, the reign and collapse of privatization, capitalism was a royal path for all. ” State and half mastering of various types of social security. Ten years later, the economic downturn is shattering these hacking documents, which did not stop Alan Mink from continuing his theoretical weakening, which would allow him to knock on all political doors: one day Balladourian, another sarcoist, would not even take a good critical view of the arguments that have previously blown the strong winds of the crisis. Complete.

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2000: Pave the way for a knowledge society!

All engineers! The Lisbon strategy prepared by the European Council made it its word word. With this goal in mind, there is now laughter: Change Europe by 2010, ” The world’s most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy “The emergence of new technologies and the deep contempt for manual labor carried with them the spirit of the workshop, the blue heat and the iron shaving. The media also bravely portrayed this yalta of industrial work. A boss, in this case, Alcatel, Serge Turk, even had a dream. ” Factory without factory “The French played in complete disbelief in mobility, productivity, job training and diploma training, but only a few would enter.” Class Cognitive According to the Clinton administration’s Labor Secretary, economist Robert Reich, just 20% of employees. Others? They no longer believe.

2007: “Europe without people for good”

In 2005, the French people re-negotiated a referendum and said “no” to the European Constitution (ECT), igniting the flames of integration and further depriving nations of their rights. Two years later, in 2007, TCE, which came out of the Great Door of Democracy, returned through the small window of the Lisbon Treaty, a certified copy approved by the Council of Europe in the Portuguese capital. Republican President Nicolas Sarkozy Simple agreement limited to institutional matters “He avoided submitting to public opinion through a referendum so as not to experience the same disappointment of 2005. However, both books are borrowed from the same philosophy, as former President Gis‌card de Estaying wrote in Monte in 2007:” In the Lisbon Treaty, which was drafted specifically from the Constitution, the tools are the same. Just changed the order in the toolbox. The box itself has been redesigned using the old model, which has three lockers to find what you are looking for. Whether rebuilt or not, the denial of democracy continues to be the denial of democracy.

2009: “Tax bases closed”

On the eve of a promising G20 from New York in Pittsburgh in September 2009, Nicolas Sarkozy avoided punishment with this Messianic utterance exclusively to French presidents: ” Tax bases, bank fraud, it’s over. P was surprised by the subprime mortgage crisis and the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers, which most commentators believe. To Sarkozy’s attention, paper holdings were going to tremble with fear, offshore subsidiaries were shaking, banking secrecy locks were soon gone and countries with too much liquid tax were flexing their tax codes. Today, ten years later and the dust, what’s left of this declaration? According to the scores of the NGO Tax Justice Network, tax evasion costs the world around 350 350 billion a year. Only 13 countries appear on the blacklist of tax sites prepared by France: the Sultanate of Oman, the Seychelles or Vanuatu… white sand confetti. And Switzerland? It will no longer appear on the EU gray list (countries under surveillance). Admittedly, Swiss banking secrecy is declining, but thank you more than praising Nicolas Sarkozy for the pressure of US President Obama. Why is Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands or a quarter of Ireland and European countries so far mentioned in the Lux Leaks and Paradise Papers scams, and why is it thrown through the wide mesh of the regulatory web? A question to ask former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the Eurogroup and later president of the European Commission, for 15 years.

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2016: “No, school level is not falling”

International rankings unfortunately confirm this during their publication, but the reading level of young French people does not decline as much as in mathematics. In June 2016, the then National Education Minister Najat Vallad-Belkasem read the hermetic statement of a mathematical exercise for the back test to discredit the dissertation on school degradation. Note: Since the problem contains a lot of asymmetries, equations, and polynomials, the level cannot be broken. However, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMS) survey ranked France as the worst student in Europe in this category. Why such blindness? Seeing the cruel reality on the face is tantamount to abandoning the “pedagogical” methods that have been strictly practiced in France for thirty years: placing the student in the middle of the class and making him an actor of his own learning. The master includes knowledge and dissemination. Most parents who stay away from these educational struggles find that their children’s spelling and writing skills are declining. It is not enough to build confidence in school.

2017: “Reforms: We must explain to the French”

Shortly after the election, in 2017, we can call Emmanuel Macron his change of education. In an interview Point, He confirmed about France and its “refractory goals”: This is a country that accepts change only when you are told face to face what you need to do “. It was the beginning of an antiphon that argued that if a reform competed, it was not because it was bad, but because it was misunderstood. This factor is taken into account: whatever the subject, they confirm that there is a deficit of explanation and that an act of presentation is necessary, and that after careful completion of this preliminary work, the rejected amendments will pass like a letter to the Post.In the long run, this process is a little ridiculous to anyone who addresses it.

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2018: “Unemployment: You must cross the street!”

It was September 2018 on Heritage Days. During a stroll near the Elysee Palace on the streets of Paris, 25 – year – old Apostrophe Emmanuel Macron explains to him his difficulty in finding a job despite being trained as a horticulturalist. With the natural adequacy of a man who is never hindered from achieving his goals, the President of the Republic replies: ” Lots of work … you have to go! Now hotels, cafes, restaurants, I cross the street, I find you! They want people who are willing to work within the confines of the business. In short, in order not to get a job, you have to give good will (or bad, it depends) because you can when you need to. Given the reform of unemployment insurance that was postponed due to a health crisis, but still in government drawers, an unemployed person is someone who is going back on the right track even if it means cutting his rights.

2020: “Masks are useless!”

While greeting the French, the President of the Republic had the sweetness to announce that he was going to do everything possible to avoid one. Excessive sluggishness In the Kovid Vaccination Campaign. Since the current speed is a sneaky train that brings smiles to our neighbors, I believe the government intends to make him lose the immunization function as he has lost his appeal. Masks and Barrier Gestures. Almost every day, Health Minister Olivier Warren comes to explain that we need care (which is simple common sense) and forgets that he isolated himself a few months ago. In the condominium, with the certainty of knowing: “Masks are useless”. It is true that we were at a time when these precious materials were evident in its absence and needed to find an explanation for this clear evidence of sanitary demobilization. But this does not justify it.

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