From skeletons to elephant bird eggs: the most unique species purchased in 2020

Dagli scheletri alle uova di uccelli elefante: gli oggetti più singolari acquistati nel 2020

. Skeletons, hair, eggs. 2020 was definitely a difficult year that turned the house into our virtual shop. The Italians found a way to escape from the daily routine of online shopping. According to the latest statistics, in fact, online commerce in Italy has grown by about 30% to a total value of 22.7 billion euros, 4.7 billion more than in 2019, and we see online auctions in areas that have benefited from this growth. The sale of ten million objects confirms the company’s success (assuming that Italian buyers spent 80 million euros on Catawiki in 2019, an increase of 30% over the previous year) and the recent significance of the world of web auctions has become a real phenomenon, especially during the Pandemic period. There may have been a surge in unusual purchases and excessive trades in the past year, perhaps a desire to escape, as a result of a rational investment in the future. The most unique items purchased in 2020 (photo) Elephants are a family of birds that lived in Madagascar and became extinct in the seventeenth century. These birds can reach a height of 3 m and weigh up to 500 g, with their eggs measuring 30 cm in height and 70 cm in circumference. A vendor joins several pieces of the same egg, and one reproduces the whole. Among the most unique and antique items, the complete skeleton of a woolly mammoth, 5.5 m long and 5.2 m high, sold for 120,000 euros. An authentic skull worn by Pope Francis, sold at auction for 16,000 euros, is a rare and certainly unexpected item. The singular is, of course, a hair worth 2,000 euros by the famous French general Napoleon Bonaparte, which he found among his materials and sold at auction as “the most expensive hair in the world”. The 1966 Ferrari 300GT was also sold, and is in the final stages of production, making it one of the 100 units ever built. Originally European, it was exported to the United States and re-established, and eventually brought back to Spain. This is the most expensive item sold on Catawiki: $ 300,000. McCullon also sold a bottle of whiskey. This rare bottle of Irish whiskey was bottled and sold for ,000 4,000 in 1981 at the royal wedding of Prince Charles of England and Diana. The 10 cent coin from 1944 depicts Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. 10 cent coin has been sold since 1944. One of the remaining 20 coins was minted 10 cents in 1944 and depicts Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. This is a very rare part, assuming most of them are cast! Barbie Pink Cadillac Eldorado Masto auctioned off the largest 1:12 scale model car of 1995-1999, 47.5 cm long and 11 cm high, at Catawiki. Buy Usain Bolt’s running shoes at auction for ,000 16,000 at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing. A very rare Hermes Kelly 32 bag with red crocodile leather, found nowhere else, sold for $ 45,000 on Catawiki. Provides users with platform designer items, luxury items, collections, and vehicles, and sellers can reach 10 million users in more than 60 countries with a single click. To ensure quality, one item was carefully selected by one of Katawiki’s 240+ experts.

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