From lockdowns in Austria to dangerous treatments in Germany: Vauxhall congestion has not started in Europe

From lockdowns in Austria to dangerous treatments in Germany: Vauxhall congestion has not started in Europe

While in Italy Keep rising Events and Transmissibility Index Rt, Europe tighten grip on no wax. Austria Leading the way From Monday, November 8, the first lockdown will be imposed on those who have not been vaccinated. This means there are no more restaurants, nightlife, hotels, sports and cultural events, and skiing holidays. “When we get in the car with the seat belt on, the Kovid vaccine is our belt,” said Chancellor Alexander. Shalenberg, After tens of thousands of cases in the last 24 hours.

Germany announces third dose for six months after second

Strong congestion when winter comes, record-breaking epidemics In Germany The third dose is announced six months after the second. Europe, the global epicenter of the Pandemic, is accelerating its immunization booster. In tandem with the fourth wave, Berlin is announcing a new generalized phase of the defense campaign, and a tough stance without waxes.

Dangerous care without wax in Thuringia

Boding Ramelo, president of Thuringia, threatened to stop treating those who did not approve of the serum administration if the pressure on health facilities became too high. Meanwhile, from Monday, Saxony – where we fear a new lockdown if we do not act “fast” – will become the first German country to restrict access to restaurants, bars and cultural events, i.e. for those who have been vaccinated or cured. . Except for the possibility of having a swab as a pass, from Kovid.

More than 37,000 new cases, new negative peak

In the last 24 hours, the Robert Koch Institute recorded 37,120 new cases – a new negative peak since Thursday, November 4 – 154 deaths in Germany. With 169.9 patients per 100,000 inhabitants, the weekly value of infections is also at a record level. “The fourth wave accelerated a lot and hit very excitedly. We have difficult weeks ahead, “said German Health Minister Jens Spann.

Malta case

Acceleration in boosters is critical across Europe. 94% of Malta, the country with the highest total vaccination on the continent, announced that the third dose would be “gradually extended to all people over the age of 12”.

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