From Joanna to Fabio Cannavaro, how many VIPs love cycling! Photo and video

From Joanna to Fabio Cannavaro, how many VIPs love cycling!  Photo and video

Eco-friendly, fun, affordable and very cool. There are many cyclists, from Fabio Cannavaro to Gianna Nanini, from Joanna to Patrick Dempsey, who even organizes a race in his name.

More and more stars appear on a bicycle. In some cases it is pure marketing, in others it is a real passion, after all, like a bike, there are few things in the world that are at the same time fun, economical, ecological, practical and even good for health. The day before Giro d’Italia, we tried to gather an imaginary team of celebrities who have proven over time that they have an unquestionable passion for two-wheelers.

Lorenzo Jovanotti – His passion for cycling has become one Docutrip For Rai, the singer described his journey in the Andes: 60 days on pedals, face-to-face with wild nature and distant cultures. It is not known if Lorenzo Cherubini inherited a passion for two wheels from his father, however, because of his 120kg weight, he limited the sport to “support”, not training. With great care and excellent technical knowledge, every two years the singer passes through the bike shop of his friend Augusto “Gus” Baldoni’s Forli, updates all his materials and takes the necessary measurements to sew the bicycle. He, like a sewing garment. Gus Baldoni accompanied Joanna on their voyage from Antofagasta on the Chilean coast to the Argentine border: at an altitude of about 5,000 meters above the planet’s driest desert.

Patrick Dempsey – The protagonist of the famous Grace Anatomy series, American actor (but of Irish descent) Patrick Dempsey is probably more than a cyclist. From a young age, the actor has always tested his hands on two wheels and participated in many amateur competitions, and created the Patrick Dempsey Challenge: this is an annual competition used to raise money for cancer patients. This year, the weekend event will take place September 24-25 in Lewistown, Maine with a race and a cycling route. Every year the event attracts a lot of fans and spectators because some Hollywood stars, like Matthew McConaughey, a very passionate cyclist, attend the event.

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David Byrne – The musician, the longtime leader of the unforgettable Talking Heads, is very different from a sports cyclist. His passion for two wheels is closely linked to his exploration of cities: he has no records and no high-tech bikes, and therefore a passion for freedom and the low speed that each pedal stroke gives. Even on the tour, Byrne does not abandon his steel horse that follows him at every stage of his tour. A book was born out of this passion. Cycle diaries (Bombiani, 2010), in which he explains why he loves pedaling so much: “That observation point – faster than a walk, faster than a train ride, above average for a person – has been my panoramic window into the world for the last thirty years.”. During his wanderings, Rome, which is described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, also encountered Byrne, but it is one of the most dangerous for those who want to visit it by bike.

Leonardo DiCaprio – This actor, one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, is known for his commitment to the environment, yet is often accused of inconsistencies, he often travels on private jets and rents mega yachts over the holidays. . Yet what often happens is heroic Titanic Rent bikes of bike sharing and give up the glory of visiting cities. An ingenious and excellent solution for an international star like him: on the one hand, it helps to keep the planet clean (and conscience), perhaps hidden behind a hat and a pair of sunglasses, which is reasonably sure to go unnoticed. , As many of his colleagues are forced to do, certainly would not happen if he got into a mammoth limousine.

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LeBron James – The former NBA champion has often said that in his youth he played basketball and cycled from one pitch to another, which set him free and helped him escape the dangers of the turbulent neighborhood in which he grew up. It was precisely for these reasons that LeBron (hence the world), one of the greatest players of all time in American basketball, was the leader and promoter of a truly charitable cause. In his hometown of Akron, Ohio, he funded a school that welcomed children from poor families, gave all students a bicycle and allowed them to go to class and travel freely. During the day.

Fabio Kannavaro– One of the heroes of the Assyrian expedition that won the 2006 World Cup in Germany discovered two wheels in recent years. The only sport – he says – that allows him to enjoy and maintain a comfortable fit in shape and weight without stress. His first rides and passion in China quickly overwhelmed him, and so many two-wheelers are often the heroes of his Instagram page. Kannavaro often faces challenging journeys. In the crescendo of exhaustion and miles: 117 km in the Dubai desert, 167 on the Amalfi coast, 190 km on the Naples-Gaita-Naples in December 2021, and then on Christmas Eve, the small business (for an amateur) traveled an average of 35 hours and 35 hours on the 254-minute journey from Rome. In addition to his exhaustion on the pedals, Cannavaro will have to endure the mockery of other champions Luka Tony and Francesco Totti. Kannavaro entrusted himself to improve his preparation at the hands of Valerio Agnoli, a former pro cyclist and follower of Ivan Basso and later Vincenzo Nibali. Cycling coach. Has become a fan of the 2006 Golden Ball technique and has always ridden high-end, up-to-date bikes.

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Gianna Nandini – Long before bicycles became a fad, the senior singer was pedaling at a good pace. More than the road, her rock and unmatched spirit often led her off-road, even on challenging routes. His two-wheeler life was not without events. For example, in 2012 he suffered an ankle fracture during an outing with his mountain bike, and in 202 a bad fall was repaired with a few blows and a few blows. In recent years, Nannini has approached triathlon, a rigorous sport that develops into a running, swimming, and cycling test. For the rocker, the bicycle is not only a sporting tool, but also a comfortable means of transportation, and she often rides with her daughter Penelope.

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