Friday, August 27: A musical journey from Corsica to Ireland, Plovdiv

Fair I Centennial 2021 will be held on Friday 27th August at Peros-Haman Chapel in Plovdiv.

For the last concert of his festival “ Chapels and mansions in music Recommended by the Pimpolise Association of Friends of Culture (APAC) Friday, August 27, 2021 At Peros-Hamon Chapel Plobaslanek, A musical journey between Corsica, Ireland, Italy, With the Baroque group Ways.

“From popular Italian Baroque collections to Corsican singing, we revisit collections of ancient or traditional music, including walking and other Irish dances.

Johann Jenin-Brand, singer and musician.

These bridges are particularly reflective with their many unusual musical instruments from other countries and eras, bringing their own color.

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Opportunity to find, and Traditional horizontal flute, Celtic harp, whistle (Small Irish flute), little known nickel harpa, citol, bender, lad, santur, .d.

These instruments are accompanied by a strong baritone sound Johann Jenin-Brand, Who for over a decade explored and collected ancient and traditional music through his travels in Corsica, Italy and his exchanges with other musicians.

“A collection capable of satisfying both amateurs and discerning listeners”

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