French team. Copy Ireland and the box, fatal mistake against blacks?

Équipe de France. Copier l'Irlande et les Boks, l'erreur fatale face aux Blacks ?

Time is running out and all the fans of this sport are waiting for it. France will face New Zealand in Stade de France in just 48 hours. This Thursday, Fabian Galti unveiled his team composition, especially as a romaine entomologist finished 10th to hurt Matthew Joliebert, or Cameron Walkie in the second row. If not the best country in our sport today, it is without a doubt the most legendary. Yet blacks fell, against South Africa and more recently Ireland, a week ago. Probably a path to follow, but in the opinion of the French coach there is no question of copying them. As mentioned at a press conference, Fabian Galti wants Blues to write his own story: ”It is true that the two rivals who faced them had different profiles. Perhaps one thing they have in common with these opponents is that they believed in them. We felt it very quickly in the competition. They were solid opponents to beat New Zealand throughout the game from the kick off. They did […] Then, as I already told you, this was in the past, and others have done it. We, the challenge start on Saturday evening, after which we will see what we can do in front of them. We are ready. I’m sure we have made the best possible preparations for Saturday night and that this series of games, these trainings and this shared experience will motivate us to get ready for Saturday evening. […] We have our own story to live by.” ‘

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RUGBY. France’s play against All Blacks, with Wokie at 4, Ntamack at 10 and Jaminet at 15.Jean-Baptiste Elizalde, a former player of France XV and now a member of the MHR staff, expressed his feelings this week. Free noon, A few hours from the shock. In his contract with Fabian Galti, the Blues are confident in their potential and, in his opinion, should not copy the Irish: ”The problem is us. What strategy are we going to adopt? […] I think we can not do the same (as the Irish editor’s note) it would be foolish to copy them.” Before continuing: ‘‘Later, when you play with these teams, there are always essentials. On defense, you need to be consistent and get up and move faster than usual. And conquest. We have some assurances in that […] The Irish had their strategy, and they believed in it. Even if the Black House wins the game in the 71st minute. This strategy was in their favor, but everything would turn into a game fact.The most important thing is that the hubs are aware of their power: ”I saw the South Africans beat the ball forty times and beat them. No one has a good strategy. One thing that convinces players is good. There you have taken a big step […] If you are in the middle, not everyone thinks the same thing at the same time, that’s where the problems come from”. Gentlemen, it is yours.

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