French regional, Le Pen and Macron flop: neo-gallists win

French regional, Le Pen and Macron flop: neo-gallists win

According to national data released by the iPhone-Fiduciary Institute, Penn’s national party in the Marines is stuck with 20.5% of priorities. One year after the 2022 presidential election, it was a real disappointment for the former Front National, who had cast so many votes instead of so many as a strong move. Record. As in the first round, which took place on Sunday, June 20, two out of three voters cast ballots.

President beats even majority – Confirming the lack of local roots of N. Marche, the president of Macron set the slap at 7% for the majority. Executive sources said the government is not a reorganization but will have the necessary and limited arrangements. Bfm-tv.

The return of the neo-Gallist right – This ballot marks the best return of the neo-Gallist right. With 38% of the vote, Republicans and allies appear to be the first political force in the country, ready to run for president. Now, it seems to be the most determined Xavier BertrandThe Hutts-de-France president, going to the region, reaffirmed his position as the frontrunner for the leprosy candidate, saying: “This result gives us the strength to meet all French people.”

The unity of the Left and environmentalists is good – After Macron’s pen bipolarism, the unity of the Left and environmentalists worked well, with 34.5% of the priorities seeming to be the return of the more traditional parties of the “old world”. For Jordan Bardella, The second number of the National Assembly, “the election was a failure for the whole political class”; Given the record level of absenteeism. “I welcome these results with great humility, but it will defeat the political class as a whole because most French people do not want to go to the polls,” he said. Tf1.

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In 13 French territories Provence-Alpes-Cte d’Azur She was the only one who saw a duel between the so-called “enemy brothers” who declared that they were close: Theory Mariani (Formerly Les Republicans Passato Nell Assembly National) e Renaud Muselier (Les Republicans). In the end the second one won. Bitter in the mouth, even in most macaroni. N. Marshall’s general representative spoke of the “disappointing” result, Stanislas GuriniSatisfactory feedback for the result comes from leftists and, of course, colorists.

Record Breaking – However, the first-party abstention, which equates to 66% of the 48 million eligible to vote, is slightly lower than in the first round (66.7): two out of three voters cast ballots. Participation in the free fall compared to the December 2015 local elections, in which 50.54% of French people voted. This is a negative record since the formation of the Fifth Republic in 1958. According to experts, the reasons are many. “We are witnessing the completion of the separation between the electorate and the political establishment. The health context with limited external events has further complicated communication with certain sections,” he argued. Jessica Scienti, Political science researcher at the University of Avigan.

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