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Rahden Band “New Foggy Fu” performed Irish folk classics. (Photo: Gausalman Group)

Gardens and Parks with Improvisation Theater and “Dinner in White” Day

Walk, enjoy, relax – and everything in the countryside and the best summer weather: on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12, many visitors flocked to Benkhosen Castle to enjoy a colorful program, including the Improvisation Theater, “Dinner in White”, and a select few stalls on Irish music and gardening. Those in charge at Schloss Benkhausen once again took part in the Gardens and Parks Day in Westphalia-Lip, presenting the whole area from its best side.

The start of the extraordinary weekend was the performance of the improvisation theater “Emsherblatt” from Dortmund on Saturday afternoon. In the inner courtyard of the Old Stables, a group of four performed the elegance of an innovative street theater. The uniqueness of this performance is that the audience was heavily involved in the design of the piece and thus became part of the performance. In this way, guests can act as directors, talking, and telling artists what emotional scenes certain scenes should play out. The audience wanted emotions such as anger, jealousy, joy and sadness. In other sequences, audiences are asked to choose different categories and choose drama, sci-fi, Western or nature documentaries. The four actors quickly captivated the guests with their enthusiasm and combined poetry, pantomime and song to make it an overall exciting experience.

This is followed by “Dinner in White”. The English Garden offered the perfect backdrop for a beautiful open air dinner. The long table and white-clad guests provided Castle Garden with the summer vibe of a holiday city on the French Atlantic coast. “The conditions are perfect and all the guests are extremely satisfied,” said organizer Angelica Gaussalmann happily. Rahden Irish folk band “New Foggy Fu” also created a devotional mood. Through their songs, they took guests to the Emerald Islands and conveyed a sense of relaxed and happy lifestyle.

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Visitors also had plenty of opportunities to roam on Sundays. From 11 a.m., local dealers presented all sorts of beautiful and useful things related to the theme of “garden”. Garden Tree Nursery, Soap Factory, Art Teacher Nadessa Horte or hot artist Dorothea Wenzel offered something for every taste. The local tourism association and the historic organization Benkhason also attended.

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