French curfew at secret parties and restaurants – 01/02/2021 – World

French curfew at secret parties and restaurants - 01/02/2021 - World

The end of Population Day events is a major consequence of the effect of the curfew in France between 6 and 6 p.m. The Dinner at restaurants was suspended earlier With the second lockdown taking effect from October.

But these measures do not deter some who support evening programming. In addition to secret parties, police have found more Restaurants operating despite government restrictions And the possibility of a fine.

If at the beginning of the epidemic the French newspapers had reported secret parties mainly in abandoned places like the Raws of the 1990s, after the curfew came into effect at 6 pm, any kind of happy hour would be blocked, which would be more and more regular restaurants operating secretly, or merchants opening doors to compete as if there was no epidemic.

Some restaurant owners protested against the sanitation measures imposed in France on Monday (1) and reopened their establishments. On January 27, a restaurant owner in the southern part of Nice faced a ban on serving food inside establishments and serving lunch to 100 people, which led him to the police station.

These resumes are symbolic, with traders serving food for only one day to show that they are in pain despite government assistance to deal with a health emergency.

Restaurants and other businesses that are forced to pay a pandemic can opt for a compensation of 10 thousand euros (R $ 65 thousand) per month or 20% of their income, up to a maximum of 200,000 euros (R $ 1.3 million). But many feel that the device is inadequate.

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French Finance Minister Bruno Le Meyer has warned that traders violating the rules will be allowed to cut back on such aid.

This Monday morning, police surprised dozens of people who attended a secret party at a restaurant in Gentile on the outskirts of Paris. Authorities suspected that the site was operating in defiance of regulations as it was found that several cars were parked and passengers were parked at the scene.

Although assembled illegally, party participants who did not wear protective masks reacted violently to the police approach and threw away glasses and bottles. One agent was injured and more than 130 sanctions were imposed.

The finance minister said the secret restaurants were isolated cases and that these episodes were being criticized by other owners. But last week, in just two days, Paris police closed 24 secret restaurants that operated with curtains.

On Friday (29), a police patrol in the capital fined ten judges for eating out of a restaurant during the day (which is prohibited because only take-away services are allowed).

The establishment is in front of the police headquarters. The restaurant owners claimed that customers were protecting themselves from the rain while waiting for orders. However, the place was closed for 15 days.

Non-supermarket fines

The curfew also created extraordinary circumstances. Queues form in supermarkets and bakeries from 5pm, while commercial establishments close their doors at 6pm.

This weekend, police fined several users for waiting to check in at a supermarket in Paris at 6:06 p.m. According to French newspapers, the manager of the establishment had already been warned several times and should be barred from entering customers minutes before the end of the working day.

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Some users, outraged about the “lack of tolerance”, posted messages on social media telling the story. “France now imposes a fine of more than 6 minutes on a curfew. Are we living the last hours of our freedom?” Asked one of the clients.

Failure to comply with the curfew will result in a fine of 135 euros (R $ 900).

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