French Ambassador to Dublin: “Nimes connected with Ireland is a good choice”

French Ambassador to Dublin: "Nimes connected with Ireland is a good choice"

French Ambassador to Dublin Vincent Guerrend receives the NIMs delegation this morning as part of Ryan Air’s opening of the Dublin route. Objective: To promote lasting relations between Ireland and the Guard. Maintenance

Do you routinely attend the promotion of a French destination, as you did in front of Irish journalists in Dublin on Monday evening?

It’s normal for me to do that, but considering the financial situation, we’ve been closing lines more than recently. The opening of the Nimes Dublin Line is therefore the first event since I was hired.

Is Ireland trying to strengthen ties with France and France through Brexit?

Yes of course. Through Brexit, we have developed the qualification of “France is Ireland’s closest neighbor to the European Union”. This is a true position supported by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and other members of the government. We want to work in the context of sustainable growth, digital (knowing that many digital leaders have their European headquarters in Ireland, Google or Apple, Editor’s note), higher education and research. France is the first Erasmus group in Ireland, and we have 90 VIEs (International Volunteers, Editor’s Note) here today. We want to increase this to 150 by 2023. After Brexit, the Irish are also seeking other political support.

This Wednesday at the Embassy you will receive Frank Proust, President of the Nimes Metropolis, and representatives of the Guard. What will be the goals?

We are going to work on the academic, cultural and economic exchanges between Nimes and Ireland. This new air link can be brought in financially.

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