Freight traffic between Ireland and the channel’s French ports during the Brexit eruption

La compagnie irlandaise assure la liaison entre la pointe du Cotentin et le Connemara.

This is the shortest way for the Clover Kingdom to join the old continent. Yet the Land Bridge Truck drivers in the Republic of Ireland do not like road bridges in Moliere’s language. To get to Europe, they boarded the Rosslayer on the southeastern side of the island, then landed in Wales, headed in the direction of Dover by road, and then sailed to Calais, before Brexit. Since January, about three-quarters of the 150,000 trucks used by Landbridge now prefer to travel by ferry service directly to France, even if their transit time is extended by hours. Objective: To avoid customs clearance and paperwork when entering or leaving the United Kingdom.

Within ten months, Rosslare Port recorded a 360% (!) Increase in shipping vessels with the old continent. ” Incredible Ignite its director Glenn Carey on its website. Observation is valid in both directions. Last March, the BBC reported that twenty trucks carrying parcels arrived daily from European shores in Rosler, which had previously arrived from Great Britain. Boris Johnson’s government enforcing new restrictions on goods from the European Union until January 2022 – and even in March for living animals and plants – will not help. The Land Bridge Not popular anymore. Even lorries loaded with perishable goods have surpassed it to the point where the British authorities are shouting. Traffic diversion .

Boundless game between Cottent and Konemara

If this embarrasses Boris Johnson, the news makes the port of Cherbourg a business where the ferry companies have experienced a sudden surge. Since the beginning of the year, Stena Lines, the largest operator in the Irish Sea, has doubled the number of connections between Cotten Point and Rosslair, while Irish ferries have stationed its largest ship there. Brittany Ferris has opened a weekly line as part of it. As a result, traffic to Norman Harbor Island more than tripled, to an average of 8,500 per month from 2,500 heavy goods vehicles. After the divorce from the EU, the low tide was more than enough to make up for the decline in travel with England. ” In December, we will be celebrating the millionth trailer from Ireland or Ireland that did not exceed the level 35,000 in the best years. ഉടമ Port owner Philip Dees welcomes.

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To cope with this increased traffic, local authorities controlling the port invested through a mixed union. The terminal was upgraded and new customs posts were set up. Follow-up activities are scheduled. Small enough to accommodate the largest ships, one of the three dedicated cross-channel bridges should be extended. Expansion of a logistics area behind the crossings is also under study. ” Operators report great demand», Refers to Philip Dees. To consolidate this position, port authorities plan to launch a rail motorway between Cherbourg and Bayonne at the gate of Brittany Ferris Spain in 2022 or 2023. This will create a new breath of fresh air among the Irish.

Le Havre also plays for clubs

Meanwhile, the port of Pointe de Cotentin predicts sustainable traffic with the Clover country by 2022. Because in the meantime, the competition is in full swing. The DFDS company opened a link from Dunkirk to Ireland earlier this year, offering six trips a week with three ships there. In Le Havre, a quarter of a century after the departure of the Irish ferries, Brittany ferries (November 12) re-launched the weekly line for cargo with the Connemara. Financial evidence to pay attention to the president of the Bretton Company.

J.I have no doubt that the British activation of control measures on Landbridge at the beginning of 2022 will further strengthen this appetite for the seaway and have a bright future for this Le Havre / Rosler line. Jean-Marc Rouge comments in a press release.

He is not the only one who thinks so. According to the Paris Regional Institute, which published a study in late October on the impact of Brexit on cross-channel freight, this choice was well-motivated. ” Strengthening the position of the port of Le Havre in the cross channel will increase the attractiveness of the scene axis. “, Analyzes Lydia Mykolenko, a transport and logistics expert at the Institute, for whom” In addition to the Nord Pass de Calais Strait, the Normandy area may become a sea gateway to the United Kingdom “. Just need to rearrange the cards in the channel.

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