Freight traffic between France and Ireland has tripled

Freight traffic between France and Ireland has tripled

Relations between France and the Republic of Ireland are gaining new momentum as freight traffic between the UK and the European Union began to decline by 38% in January.

Travel time is considerably longer, but avoiding customs formalities can result in lost routes. Freight traffic between the ports of Cherbourg and Rosslaire has tripled since the beginning of this year.

Ole Bockman, director of the Irish Ferry, explains “Before there were three calls a week, it was every other day until January 1st, and now, every day since the weekend.”.

Up to Brexit, 150,000 lorries carry three million tons of cargo a year on the roads of England, and now maritime relations are back to normal.

Said Yannick Millett, director of operations at the French port of Cherbourg “__ with approximately 9,000 trailers in January, up from 3,000 in the same period last year, so we can clearly say that freight traffic to Ireland has tripled.”.

Finding solutions that the Irish authorities encourage to avoid possible obstacles. It remains to be seen whether the United Kingdom will also find ways to expedite customs formalities to recover lost routes.

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