Freddie Spencer, the mysterious champion who retired very soon

Freddie Spencer, the mysterious champion who retired very soon

In the course of history we encounter revolutionary characters from time to time, representing a document that clearly separates their lives or careers, which determine the before and after. Freddie SpencerBorn on December 20, 1961, in Louisiana, deep in the southern states, Frederick Burdett Spencer was the most adaptable pilot. Motorcycle In the present situation.

Boy Prodigy in Shawnport

Freddie Spencer will be remembered forever The man who revolutionized the style of motorcycle riding in the Premier Class: Before using the winding circular paths, he literally introduced the current lines, with which you make the road as small as possible, you slope. Motorcycle The gas opened. The press nicknamed him Fast Freddie and he had a successful career, but it was unusually short, perhaps because of his special nature. Spencer, who dominated the Lower Leagues in the late 1970s, was noticed at a very young age, before moving on to the greats and showcasing his glass skills there as well.

Spencer at the World Championships

Inn 1983 Fast Freddie won First World Cup. The whole season is marked by a very close battle with the veteran Kenny Roberts, Reached the final year of operation, and at the end Spencer saw the winner by two points (144 to 142). The following season, ups and downs led him to win five Grand Prix, but fell off the bike in another five, and he finished fourth. In 1985, Fast Freddie became a real person Epic Inside the field, he makes a crazy decision, never heard of before. He chooses a very talented young man (who says he has a super vision that allows him to see the faces of the passengers on the running train clearly) who have evaluated his abilities beyond belief. Run 250 and 500 at the same time. He had never tried such an endeavor before, and he not only succeeded, but Won both World Cups, Overtaking rivals.
Unfortunately, its descending parable begins there. Many have wondered why such a pure genius, who finds contradictory answers, perished so quickly. Most likely he had carpal tunnel syndrome, which is still an unknown disease and he has now recovered through routine surgery, which affected the latter part of his career. Others talked about character limitations and others about the deep frustration of love. No one can ever know for sure, only we know for sure He retired from the 1988 World Championships, Just 27 years old. He would return occasionally in 1989 and 1993, and now he dominated his bike, only a faint copy of the fast Freddie that rocked the track with winding trails.

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