Franzensfeste – On October 30, as part of the Alpen Classica Festival 2021, Fortezza Fortress will dedicate an evening entirely to saxophone and jazz music. Admission is free.

Using his patent in 1846, Adolf Sachs invented the instrument, which later became popular in jazz music and especially in classical and contemporary music over the past few decades: the saxophone. Next Saturday evening will be dedicated entirely to this device, highlighting its tonal qualities, its tonal flexibility, rainbow of colors, and sound sensitivity. From classical original music for saxophone to transcripts by composers such as Poulenk and Simarosa, with jazz and pop influential parts.

Includes: Poland), Michael Knott (Duo Aliada – Poland).

The concert, part of the Alpine Classic Festival 2021, will begin at 8.30pm (admission is from 8pm). Admission is free, only if you have a green pass.

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