Francophone Film Festival – March 19-26 at Nintendo Site!

Francophone Film Festival - March 19-26 at Nintendo Site!

Author: Adam Lewandowski
19 Mars 2021

Francophone Film Festival for the first time in our country It happens completely Online from March 19 to 26, 2021 On the page Appreciated by Polish television viewers and the French-speaking community in Poland, the ninth edition of the event aims to showcase the richness and diversity of photography in French-speaking countries through 8 films.

The festival program includes eight films that address important social issues with great sensitivity and humor: Cancel Award Young Ahmed Ferres Darden, a beautiful animator, was congratulated at the Annecy Festival Kabul swallows Sabou Bretman and Eli Gob-Marvel Beat the drum About the transformation of a small Swiss town by a local marching band. The filmmakers have described the complex interrelationships The love of my brother, Worship Is Horizon. History of the icon of the French scene, singer Dalida, thanks for the picture Dalida. Condemned love. Meanwhile, the Irish documentary tells the story of an extraordinary visit by General Charles de Gaulle, who spent 6 weeks there just before his death.

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Showing in Movies will be free and available in the original language with Polish subtitles.


1. Worship (Directed by Fabrice du Wells, 98 mins, 2019, Belgium, France) -> See

2. Dalida. Condemned love (dir. Lisa Azuvelos, 126 m., 2017, France) -> See

3. De Galle of Ireland (dir. David Ryan, Jean-Charles Deniau, 49 min, 2020, Ireland) -> See

4. The love of my brother (Directed by Monia Chokri, 117m, 2019, Canada) -> See

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5. Kabul swallows (Dir. See

6. Horizon (dir. Marion Chrisan, 93 min, 2015, Romania) -> See

7. Beat the drum (dir. Franോois-Christophe Marcel, 90 min, 2019, Switzerland) -> See

8. Young Ahmed (dir. Jean-Pierre, Luke Dorden, 84 mins, 2019, Belgium, France) -> See

Photo: Still from the movie “Hirontellus de Cabol”

Illustration Introduction: Francophone Film Festival | Facebook


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