Francophone Film Festival. French movies can be viewed online for free

Francophone Film Festival.  French movies can be viewed online for free

Eight titles, including the films “Hirontellus de Cabol” and “Dalida”. Scasana na Miso ”is available for free from Friday, March 19 as part of the Francophone Film Festival.

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Every year, in March, as part of the celebration of La Francophonie, the French-speaking community, the Embassies of Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the French Institute in Poland, and the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Vallon ഫിലിl Fസ്റ്റrz ഫിലിl F ഓഫീസ്rzൽl Frassell organize the event.

This year the festival will take place online. March 19 to 26, Thanks to the collaboration with the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute, movies can be viewed for free on the portal

The festival program includes eight films that deal with important social issues in a very sensitive, humorous way: the Dordan brothers’ young Ahmed, presented at the Cannes Film Festival, enjoyed the beautiful animated film “Les Hirondellas de Cabolle” at the festival, a short story by a local brass band with a twist. Or “beat the drum.” Relationships Represented the authors of the films “My Brother’s Love”, “Worship” and “Horizon”. The story of the icon of the French scene, singer Dalida, thanks to the film “Dalida”. Condemned love ”. Meanwhile, the Irish documentary tells the story of an extraordinary visit by General Charles de Gaulle, who spent 6 weeks there just before his death.

  • “Worship” dir. Fabrice du Wells, Belgium, France 2019, 98 minutes Starring: Fontaine Hardin, Thomas Gioria, Benoit Polvard
  • “Dalida. Condemned love ”(Dalit) dir. Lisa Lasulos, France 2017, 126 Minutes Starring: Sveva Alviti, Ricardo Scamarcio, Jean-Paul Roove
  • “De Galle w Irelandi” (de Galle of Ireland) reż. David Ryan and Jean-Charles Deniau, Ireland 2020, 49m.
  • “Mino Mojego Brata” (my brother’s wife) re. Monia Chokri, Canada 2019, 117 m. Obsada: Ann-Elizabeth Bose, Patrick Hivon, Sason Gabay
  • “Hirontellus de Cabol” (Les Hierontellus de Cabol) dir. Sabou Bretman, Elia Gob-Mavellek, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland 2019, 81m.
  • Horizont (Orisond) reg. Marion Chrisan, Romania 2015, 93 m. Obsada: Andreas Hatsey, Rodika Lazar, Salt Bogdan
  • “Drum” dir. Franോois-Christophe Marcel, Switzerland 2019, 90 minutes Starring: Pascal Demolone, Pierre Miffused, Jean-Luc Bidou, Sabine Timotio
  • “Young Ahmed” (Young Ahmed) dir. Jean-Pierre, Luke Dorden, Belgium, France 2019, 84 minutes Distribution: Edir Ben Adi, Olivier Bonadd, Mariam Achedio
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All films will be screened in their original language with Polish subtitles.


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