France-Wales, Saturday will end with a shock – OA Sport

France-Wales, Saturday will end with a shock - OA Sport

This Saturday marks the fifth and final day of the Guinness Book of World Records 2021. For a tournament – almost by the end of the month – there will be one thing, the challenge between Scotland and France should recover, but the title race could end the day before tomorrow. Everything will be decided at the last minute, and in the evening the match day will end.

However, let’s start from the beginning. Scotland and Italy will take the field at 15.15, With a disappointing (difficult) first win of the tournament and after 31 consecutive knockouts. Scotland, on the other hand, will not be aiming for the title with the defeat against Ireland, but they can still aim for the venue as the match against the Blues is yet to be recovered, with a second-place finish behind Wales possible.

The disappointing match between Ireland and England at 17.45. The Irish have beaten Italy and Scotland, but the change in generation that is taking place now shows a worrying gap between the old guard and the young emerging talent, which is too long in view of the 2023 World Cup. Worse still goes to England, who have had very little satisfaction so far since their victory in the final edition, even though their victory over France in the final round was certainly an important indication for Eddie Jones. Both teams want a win to end up on the board.

Finally, as mentioned, Eyes on Paris, hosting the challenge of hosting France Wales at 21.00. The knockout in Twickenham hurt DuPont and his teammates badly, but nothing was lost. Not only will the French have to win the Stade de France on Saturday, they will have to win by four points more than the Welsh. The winner, with 4 attempts and a margin of less than 8 points, would rise to 14 points, 20 against Wales, so they could not win the recovery match against Scotland.

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So Wales can be champions this Saturday. To do this, the Wayne Pivot bag has several options. To win, of course, would mean a Grand Slam; Equalize. However, if they fail, as mentioned, the British cannot give the Blues an offensive bonus point – so they will have to deal with a maximum of three attempts – and must take home at least one bonus point, i.e. lose a maximum of 7 points or score 4 attempts. However, if Wales made four tries and scored less than 8 points, even the offensive bonus would denounce France, with Wales rising to 21 points from 15 points for the French.

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