France threatens new naval embargo on Jersey –

France threatens new naval embargo on Jersey -

Tensions between them continue France and the United Kingdom On the subject of navigation and fishing in the waters of the English Channel. A. to the point of intimidation by the French Naval blockade of St. Helier, the main port on the island of Jersey, The government ulates that there will be a cut in the power supply. The island has been accused of not renewing the licenses of 75 British-owned but autonomous French fishing boats.

Fishing licenses in Jersey

Agreement between the European Union and Great Britain

, Arrived last May, stipulates that any vessel fishing in the waters of the island is eligible for a license At least eleven days in the last three years. The Jersey government actually responded to the allegations by saying that those 75 applications were rejected because the requirements were not met. They either did not work in the relevant period or could not prove their work. These ships provided 30 days notice for termination of contracts Temporarily, after that they can no longer enter the jersey water. Ian Gorst, the island’s foreign minister, issued 95 permits for French boats, in addition to the 47 previously scheduled: 64 indefinite and 31 temporary.

Government of London

But this is not the only front where the conflict is taking place. The London government signed 47 requests from France on Tuesday, September 28th Only twelve licenses for small vessels, Allowing them to fish between six and twelve miles off the English coast. However, Paris opposes The number of applications submitted will actually be 87 He seems to have asked the European Commission to assess the conduct of Great Britain. “I want the license back,” said French Maritime Minister Anic Girardin. The British want to divide us by this decision after months of negotiations. We have provided all the required information and we have forwarded all the requested data. This new football from the British is proof of their unwillingness to fulfill their commitments. I urge European solidarity to restore balance with our British neighbors.

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When an EU spokesman informs that Brussels will ask More transparency for the British authorities Insisted that all license applications be accepted, the first signs of revenge come from Paris: winter The UK imports electricity from FranceThus, by cutting stocks, many sectors such as trade and transportation will suffer the consequences. Jersey Island, 22 kilometers off the French coast and far from English, is likely to be completely dark. We recognize the fact that emotions are burning in the fishing community in northern France – Gorst commented – I hope there are no naval sanctions; But we are not so naive as to recognize that we need to work together to reduce anxiety and make progress, because it remains a possibility.

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