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France: “They defeated DuPont”, Guy Acosbury reckons

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Former Blues Sky Half Guy Acosberry analyzes France’s 16th performance, especially Antoine DuPont’s performance against Ireland

We say that a team is built on success outside. Can this success in Dublin be counted on by the Blues?

Yes. She will count on small things like handling at the end of the match when you are only two points ahead. We make no mistake on defense and we dig the last ball. These are the moments that allow the team to mature. This is the positive side. We won against a brave Irish team that tried hard but it was not dangerous. With the exception of Lowe’s effort, the Irish were never threatened. The test we take is a cap test after a rebound.

Did the France team sometimes find themselves in trouble?

Yes, but she was above the rest. As soon as she accelerated, she was able to score in every action, but had a very average touch in the first half and a little ess hack on high balls. Poor management, especially when you come back after half time. They took a 10 to 3 lead and had to kill the match in the first quarter of an hour in the second half. It was not as accurate as in the following months. DuPont’s last pass at Willemse’s head was sometimes missed by the players. If she scores at least one of the three chances she creates herself during that time, the match is over.

Hasn’t Antoine DuPont shown the same skill as in previous matches?

No. They will tell me that he is the one who dug the last ball. Had Baptiste Serin been on the pitch early in the second half the French team would have been killed in the match. I do not understand why the Baptist was left on the bench at that time. We had our hands on the ball and he would deliver. The Irish had announced that they had an anti-DuPont plan. They watched him. He made some bad passes and he took his little steps to play for him. I was selected, but three or four balls he badly discussed would have allowed him to take the cover. Staff should use this type of matching to manage coaching. It’s like they didn’t dare make it better. He should breathe too. On the other hand, I found it better to keep Marchand longer. He was on the block.

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