France-Switzerland: The Blues want to set a record

France-Switzerland: The Blues want to set a record

Argentina will prefer Ireland over the rest. In the last two quarter-finals of the French team, not a single moment of relief or consolation was released, although the case ended, each time, in one final, one World Cup and one Euro. Against Lionel Messi’s partners, the Blues presented to the world the idea that he could win when the Irish once again ressed all their limits and forced the start. It was time for Didier Deschamps to pull off Ngolo Cante at the break without making the mistake of finding the rumor.

Five years later, when a hub comes out halfway through, we are worried and scared of injury. For Conte, for the Blues, it’s best to stay as long as he can.

Still very few goals

The European club champions will inevitably remain with Chelsea as this French team prepares to experience a third organization in the fourth game, which is not an exact sign of a team that has found itself. The players demanded a tri-nation defense that would no doubt be self-defeating after conceding three goals in several games, and have registered over four – but only three of them – despite declaring all three to be the most powerful on the planet. The idea was to earn more when it took less, not Didier Deschamps, who captained A, but he asked a midfielder to recover more in 1998 than in 1998.

The new formula will succeed in testing a knockout match against an opponent who is unlikely to open four winds, which requires more creative aggressive animation than the Hungarians. Change is precise or permanent, but at each turn there are a few adventures that end well by turning everything upside down. One day, we will have to pick it up and stick to it. If the three are the best, they will live on this foundation as long as they stand.

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Video. Euro 2021: “Another match will start now”, Didier Deschamps assures

From the three goals scored to the four goals scored, the concern is shared. Successes are born out of strong defense, and this will be the first problem for a French team trying to reassure itself during this 16th season, having found this shield that sent all the proud home for five years – the final of Euro 2016 except Portugal.

We can understand the intent of the executives, from Hugo Loris to Paul Pogba to Raphael coming, it is wrong to keep the gold against the Swiss, this slow attack to weaken Europe. The rediscovered defensive magic – that kind of hope – needs to be restored to the attackers and their Arabs, including the bench, who are slow to help. In fact, it’s time to become a complete team again, offering everything without offering anything. The story of a loved one who gives information about his credibility.

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