France, Spain, Ireland… What are Hurricane Danielle’s projected paths?

France, Spain, Ireland... What are Hurricane Danielle's projected paths?

It is now certain that Hurricane Daniel is moving towards Europe, but its exact path is still difficult to predict.

On Sunday, September 4, 2022, Danielle moved from hurricane to hurricane and continues to cross the Atlantic Ocean towards European shores. As the tropical cyclone approaches land, it loses strength significantly and becomes a simple depression.

While Danielle is expected in Europe in the coming days, it’s still unclear where she will wind up. This Wednesday, September 7, US Hurricane Center (NHC) “Daniel accelerates to the east-northeast”, indicating that it will approach the Irish and British coasts. Until then, charts in the American center saw the hurricane tilting south and thus Spain and Portugal.

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Initial forecasts from the US hurricane center saw Daniel approaching Spain.
CAPTURE – US Hurricane Center

So predictions can change from day to day and it is not yet impossible for Daniel to target France. However, as detailed, its impact is greatly reduced by passing through cold water Weather ChannelDanielle will lose her tropical features.

In addition: “Even if Danielle advances to Europe, the latest modeling suggests that she will slow down and then be blocked from the Atlantic from Saturday. This scenario seems more and more plausible, which will radically limit the impact on Western Europe”.

Perhaps new storms in France

La Chaîne Météo spoke openly to Le Figaro newspaper, presenting the two most likely scenarios. The first one suggests that Daniel will arrive from Ireland on September 10-11 as a simple depression, which will still bring unstable weather to France (mainly strong winds). Note that this path will cause wind direction to the southern sector this weekend and in other words will create new storms in the country and Spain.

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If Danielle progresses more slowly than expected, the second scene anticipates her disappearance before reaching European shores, and then no disturbance will affect us.

A third theory because of Storm Earl

A third theory has emerged since the start of the week, as Tropical Storm Earl appears to be moving towards Europe after it has stalled in the Caribbean.

It is not impossible for Daniel to swallow Earle to gain strength, so that a more severe depression will form along the European coast and heavy rains are expected. These predictions have yet to be confirmed.

?️ To me the latest GFS represents a very real risk of ongoing tropical phenomena in the North Atlantic (#Daniel #Earl) for Europe: the constitution of an atmospheric river and therefore the possibility of heavy rain in France ?? In Western Europe ??.

— Etienne Farget (@EtienneFargetMC) September 4, 2022

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