France, Spain, Germany, United States, Canada Covid-19 Pandemic Accelerates!

France, Spain, Germany, United States, Canada Covid-19 Pandemic Accelerates!

The Kovid-19 Pandemic is far behind us. This week it accelerated mainly in Europe and the US. As the world records 517,600 pollution every day, the index is rising for the fifth week in a row (+ 9% over the previous week), an AFP report. This week, Europe (+ 9%) increased their new pollution to the United States / Canada Zone (+ 32%, due to the United States only). Elsewhere, the situation is improving everywhere: Oceania (-11%), Middle East (-10%), Latin America / Caribbean (-8%), and Asia (-4%). In Africa, however, Botswana’s previous week’s data capture was distorted by a 32% decline.

Nine of the ten countries with the highest acceleration of the week (with at least 1,000 daily pollutants) are located on the old continent: Spain (+ 54%, 4,500 new cases per day), Denmark (+ 54%, 3,800), Portugal (+ 51%, 1,800) and Switzerland. (+ 45%, 4,200), Netherlands (+ 44%, 15,800), France (+ 43%, 13,500), Czech Republic (+ 38%, 12,500), Germany (+ 36%, 43,000) and Austria (+ 32%) , 12,600), announced a new rearrangement of its entire population. Outside Europe, only the United States (+ 33%, 97,500) is in the top 10.

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Most of these countries are located in the western half of Europe and are highly vaccinated. Following this wave of pollution that affected the eastern part of the continent in early autumn, overall immunizations are low.

These countries affected by the onset of autumn are now among the major declines of the week: Romania (-45%, 3,500), Armenia (-39%, 900), Bulgaria (-32%, 2,700) and Estonia (-30). %, 800), Lithuania (-26%, 2,000), Serbia (-26%, 3,500), Moldova (-22%, 800), Latvia (-21%, 1,100). Outside Europe, the Philippines (-33%, 1,500) ranks third.

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The United States continues to be the most infected country this week (97,500 daily cases, + 33%), ahead of Germany (43,000, + 36%) and the United Kingdom. Uni (39,100), + 14%). In terms of population, excluding micro-states, the country with the most cases this week remains Slovenia (1,107 per 100,000 inhabitants), ahead of Austria (981) and Croatia (887).

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The United States also has the highest number of deaths per day, surpassing 1,281 per day this week, and Russia (1,235). Ukraine (664) remains third. Globally, 7,439 deaths were reported every day this week, an increase of 4%. In terms of vaccination rates, Cuba is at the top of the podium this week, giving doses to 1.39% of the population every day. Next are the countries with more than one million inhabitants: Vietnam (1.17%), Austria (0.96%, mainly booster doses), Thailand (0.89%), Taiwan (0.88%) and the Philippines (0.81%).

To date, the United Arab Emirates is the most vaccinated country in the world, with 89% of its population fully vaccinated. They are lower than Portugal (87%) and Singapore (86%). Qatar (85%), Chile (83%), Cambodia, Spain, South Korea, Cuba (79% each), Malaysia, Italy (77% each), Canada, Japan, Denmark, Uruguay (76%), Ireland and France. , Belgium and China (75% each).

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